1. Above is my new favorite meal. My cousin made me this pumpkin ravioli with caramelized shallots and garlic and spinach and brown butter and parmesan and a whole lot of amazingness. I am in love. This is like… me. I then made it again with some butternut squash ravioli and goat cheese this past week. I’m never eating anything again.

2. I talked about it on the How Sweet Facebook page but it should come as no surprise that I freaking loooove the Pistol Annies. It’s just that they make me want to burn stuff down and drink straight whiskey. They make me want to be so bad ass. I am so not.

3. Despite today’s recipe I’m still in a bit of a cookie rut. The only thing standing out to me are these phenomenal little flourless chocolate drops. Ummmmm. They look like little bites of fudge! I can’t stand it.

4. Uh… Homeland? I’m dying. Wait, can Homeland even continue now given the events of Sunday’s episode?  I hope it doesn’t go off the deep end. Additionally, I find Abu Nazir weirdly hot. I hate myself. Let’s discuss this.

5. So therefore: the stages of getting addicted to Homeland. IT IS AN ADDICTION. I fear for how I will live after next Sunday. I don’t know what I’m going to do for like, 359 days. Besides think of nuzzling Saul’s beard. omggggg.

6. Every time I see a preview for Les Mis I feel like my heart and face are going to spontaneously combust. I’m proposing we give up this whole christmas day thing and just go sit in a movie theater so I can stare at this perfect mess. Alright I’m done talking about TV and movies.

7. Last night I had a dinner trifecta: grainy bread, burrata and prosciutto. If I didn’t wake up this morning I think I would have been okay going out like that.

8. I spent this past weekend with my friend Jessica having a legit sleepover and doing things like playing with makeup and just generally acting like a 13 year old girl. Oh except for the wine. No wine for this 13 year old.

9. Are bermuda shorts really supposed to be a trend in spring 2013? Is this a thing now? Are we really doing this? No. Just no.

10. Oh look: it’s like the only way I can eat vegetables, ever. Hello lover. I am definitely frying brussels sprouts the next chance I get.

11. I am still having the most difficult time getting in the Christmas spirit. It might be because 1. it’s warm outside and 2. I’m old now but I haaaaate it. Put me in the spirit, please. Ooooh, but what is helping is the whole Blake Shelton plus Michael Buble’s new version of Home. What? Life = made. Is this what heaven sounds like?

12. Number 9. That is all.

13. Wait. I wasn’t going to share any more Thought Catalog stuff about being in your 20s except I still totally feel like I’m in my 20s. Heck, I feel like I’m 17. And not just because I want to wear glitter eyeshadow 24/7. But I definitely do want to do that. So indulge me. And let’s have some of that drunken majesty that is eggnog. They are right, it does sound better when you learn that it’s spiked.