1. I want to have kids just so I can have an elf on the shelf.

2. Those dishes up there are from fishs eddy, where I found myself standing late last week practically in tears because I needed to have all of the things. This does not work out when your suitcase already weighs 69 pounds. Yeah, can you just imagine traveling with me? Picture your worst nightmare. Then double it.

3. Today I attempted to go Christmas shopping and about one hour in remembered that I left my credit card in the pocket of one of my coats at home because I’m just… insanely irresponsible. If I even told you how many times this has happened to me? Like millions. Really.

4. Am I the only one that buys a thing of bobby pins and then loses them all in a matter of days? Why does this happen? I had the great bobby pin search of 2012 on Saturday night. I think we could also call this the great bobby pin meltdown though.

5. Three words that have made my holiday season complete: candy cane vodka. Pretty sure I’m going to put this in… everything.

6. Last night I was in bed by 8:45 which was ah may zing and fell asleep to Clark Griswold. Then I dreamt about eggnog and dickies.

7. How to hack Sephora. This was definitely written about me.

8. Uh, this is sort of sad but I might be boycotting all holiday baking this year. I KNOW. Throw stones. I’m such a hypocrite after telling you what I would bake and now, I haven’t even started and I have less than seven days and a billion things to do and… and… I could whine all night. We will see. It wouldn’t be Christmas without 16 dozen cookies stored in my garage.

9. Homeland. OMG. I’ve talked about it so much already but I must talked about it here. I have to admit (and it’s probably due to last week’s tragic events too) that the last third was sort of hard for me to watch. Seemed very real. But, um Saul? So bad ass. He is like, totally in charge now right? MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Even if he made some faces that made him look like a complete lunatic in the last 30 seconds. Yep… it was bananas.

10. Can’t even tell you what I would give right now for someone to make me this phenomenal salad. I mean, if I’m asking for a salad? It has to be perfect.