1. I’m going on day four of eating smashed avocado toast for two meals a day. Also, true excitement is when you forgot that you bought an extra bag of Snapea Crisps (you know, like one that you didn’t wolf down on the car ride home) and magically find them to create the perfect side dish.

2. Amaretto marshmallow s’mores? You’re right. I am thankful.

3. I watched the Miss America talent portion on Saturday night for what may have been the first time in history, and only had one thought: is baton twirling still a thing? I’m not being a jerk, I’m asking seriously. I was desperate to take baton lessons (twirling lessons? what are they called?) when I was tiny because my two friends did, but I think it interfered with dance classes. I just can’t imagine doing it as a 24-year old. But that’s probably because when I was 24, I had 58-year old person tendencies.  Yeah, you do the math for my age now.

4. Proof that I’m old and boring? I realized that it’s a new year, which means a lot of my favorite authors will have new books out and I think I squealed. Out loud. In public.

5. 25 little things that make you smile. Ummmm #12? Remember last year when I did this? So irresponsible.

6. I keep seeing and hearing this stuff about unicorn hair? I guess it’s, like, a bunch of pretty pastel and rainbow colors… in your hair? Or something? I’m sorry, but that sounds like my ultimate dream. I also bleed glitter. Yes, I know. Trash.

7. Oh oh oh, and I REALLY want a pair of those wedge sneaker-like things but there is no way I can pull that off. I mean, maybe I can, but I just think I’d look like a complete idiot who was trying too hard. Twitter was split 50/50. Can we just make them even more popular so I don’t look too much like an idiot? You know, I really only want them because they seem comfortable and I am a wedge freak.

8. There are certain movies that I watch a million times a month. It’s Complicated, obviously. Dirty Dancing, because, well… see #6. Stepbrothers, because I find it more and more hysterical every time it’s on and a bunch of networks seem to enjoy playing it a few times a week. Bridesmaids, for the exact same reason, but with females. Soooo I really enjoyed this list of 13 life lessons learned from Bridesmaids.  #6… yeah.

9. As expected, Girls succeeded in making me highly uncomfortable within, oh, the first five minutes of the show. It was fabulous. And strangely enough, I think my favorite scene was the one with Marnie and Elijah. Uh huh. You know what I’m talking about.

10. Vaguely aware that I need to let my obsession with the 90s go, but would like to inhale these pop rocks truffles first. YES.

11. Things I want: a mint green couch. Mint green shoes. A mint green purse. Everything mint green that has ever existed in the world.