1. You know you have no life when the highlight of your week is seriously avocados being on sale for $1. Granted, you have to buy like 43 to get five good ones, but whatever. I’ll take it.

2. Speaking of avocados (…this really has nothing to do with avocados), starting this week I’m going to be posting some of my favorites at the end of each month, specifically beauty things. Because I’m obsessed. So if my adoration of highly glittered lipgloss and eyeshadow irks you, stay farfarfar away.

3. Dying for one of these boozy irish cream coffee pops. How incredible is that?

4. I am actually alarmed at how infatuated I am with country music at the moment. Maybe I’m craving summer? It’s just so weird. It’s so not me.

5. Also, last week at the Pens home opener I poisoned myself with four diet Cokes. FOUR. I don’t even like diet Coke. Carbonation burns my throat, my mouth, my chest, my everything. I don’t even know me anymore.

6. happy Tuesday… 24 things to be more grateful for. Can I get a high five on #10? because I’m currently listening to For the Record by Mariah Carey as I type. I also like #2. Oh and #18. Darnit.

7. Over the weekend, we watched Pitch Perfect. Umm… best movie ever. Well, I should say “we” loosely because I watched it once, but my husband watched it THREE times. Yes, three. Then he taught himself how to do the music thing with the plastic cups like Anna Kendrick does in the movie. FYI: I was not home during that… lesson.

8. Please look at these marshmallow peanut butter sandwich cookies. Ughhhh. It’s like fluffernutters and cookies and stuff had a baby. I want.

9. Okay: Girls. Let’s discuss. I’m conflicted. Funny, scary and a little too much for my secret 60-year old brain to get on board with, but still probably shockingly accurate at times. I’m so embarrassingly elderly. All I want is more Shoshanna in my life. Actually, I want her in my real life. I’m serious.

10. Tonight I’m making a taco salad for dinner. That translates to approximately one cup of chopped butter lettuce (because, um, it’s BUTTER lettuce) in the bottom of a large bowl so I feel good about myself, topped with meat, copycat Chipotle corn salsa, tons of regular salsa, cheese and an obnoxious amount of blue corn chips. What are you having?