These fat straws and pastel sprinkles from Target. They are out for Easter and you can find them where they have the seasonal/holiday baking and party goods. Uhhh… freaking love them. I actually bought out all of the straws (good photo props!) and sprinkles at my local Target a few weeks ago. I hope they restocked.

This should be an obvious given, but my 80s glam sharpies. &^%&#%*Q$*!!!

Banshee & The Walking Dead. Let me preface this by saying that I am not into vampire and zombie stuff at ALL. Like I cannot stress that enough. However, a few years back when The Walking Dead began my husband watched it and got me hooked. Yes, I have a legit heart attack for most of the episode but still watch it. Oh and I can’t watch it before bed. Or alone. We’ve also been watching Banshee which is on at the weird-ass time of Friday night. It would be inconvenient if I had a life, but I don’t soooo… yeah. It’s on Cinemax and definitely s bit skinamax-y, but otherwise I’m sort of into it? Regardless, Nashville is still my #1 love at the moment and thank goodness it came back on last night. Couldn’t take it.

Speaking of Nashville, I’m pretty certain it is what has me on the only-listening-to-country-music train right now. I can’t get enough which is so, so weird. At the moment, I am loving everything by Lee Brice. Majorly crushing.

This humboldt fog cheese. Good grief. That has replaced all cheeses as my absolute favorite cheese. It is a chevre and ugh… I just can’t even explain how delicious it is. I love it so much and have been buying some every weekend. I need to stop. For local friends, I get mine at DeLallo’s. Not sure if Whole Foods has it.

While we are talking about that cheese, another given is this salad. I know I mentioned it in a post earlier this week, but it is making me want to eat salad. I use some baby romaine and spinach and season it well, top it with grape tomatoes, humboldt fog, roasted chickpeas, Trader Joe’s honey roasted sliced almonds (these are INCREDIBLE), salmon and golden balsamic vinegar. Basically, I make a salad with the least amount of salad-like ingredients I can.

This is sort of trendy, but The Happiness Project. Before I continue, I should say that I didn’t exactly love this entire book. I read every day and this took me daaaaays to get through. I found some of it fairly boring and actually found myself dreading reading it at times, but that might have just been because large portions didn’t apply to me, like when it came to talking about children. So why is it on this list? Ha. I did love a lot of her points and tricks to keep her life happy and clutter-free – like cleaning out closets, having an empty shelf and using the one minute rule: if it takes one minute or less (like hanging up a coat), do it. So many great ideas in there.

These watches from Anthropologie. Okay, I am not a watch person. Clearly – as these watches are even set at different times. I mean I am, but I don’t need a fancy expensive watch. You know I love tacky costume jewelry and fun colorful things. I got the mint watch last summer and wore the heck out of it. Later in the fall I got the blue and love it too. I think there is a coral-y one and I want that too. I want all of the things. These are not pricey for watches whatsoever and they are super fun. I live in them. And I think that photo is blurry. Apologies.

These neon striped reebok socks. They come in a pack of six and are all crazy, assorted colors, but unfortunately I cannot find them online anywhere to provide a link. I got mine at Dick’s (sporting goods, people. sporting goods.) for what it’s worth.

While we are talking about sports wear (or something like it), I’ve been living in these Nike fleece hoodies. They are perfect if you’re going to workout outside in the cold or just be outside for a few hours. Since we are nearing Spring they will probably be on sale soon and you can often find them for 50% off. They are the best.

These BIG chocolate coconut waters. I’ve talked about Zico for years and how I never liked coconut water until I tried the chocolate. So typical. Sometimes a full bottle is a little too much (like if I come home late from yoga and want to eat dinner too. these sort of fill me up.) so I love that I can pour the amount I want from the big jugs. I can find the normal chocolate Zico at my local grocery stores and Target, but can only find these big ones at Trader Joe’s.

Snapea Crisps. Ugh, cannot get enough. Why are these so freaking good? I like these original ones a bit more than the Trader Joe’s version, but I’m not that picky. I wish I could have a lifetime supply of them. Let’s make that happen.

That’s all for now. Tell me about your life! Favorite shoes? Books? Movies? Snacks? Accessories? Music? I could use a new playlist. Yes I could.