1. Even my froyo demonstrates how I manage to cover everything in sprinkles and sparkles and pink. I don’t even like those frosted animal cookies (iced are where it’s at… duh) but I see something hot pink and can’t turn away. Also: can we agree that marshmallow topping is the best ever?

2. Our fridge has decided to start freezing everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. No settings have changed or anything. I think it’s possessed. Does this mean I need to defrost the whole thing or something because I definitely don’t have the patience for that. Frozen chicken stock? Check. Frozen almond milk? Check. Actually, more like chunky almond milk. I poured some over cereal the other day and almost died.

3. I know I just talked about chocolate avocado pudding yesterday but I have to tell you about the real reason I started making chocolate avocado pudding. I… sort of… have an obsession… with those jello pudding cups. I have spent very large portions of my life eating one (okay… two) every day. I love those things. Especially the half chocolate and half vanilla? Oh man. So good.

4. I’m also involved in a severe cinnamon toast obsession at the moment. You know… buttered toast sprinkled with cinnamon sugar? My grandma always used to make it for us and well, it tastes like 1986. Delicious 1986.

5. Setting my weekly bad example: current Kate Spade sample sale! You know you want to. Someone needs to buy all of these so I don’t purchase one.

6. Flipping my lid over this chocolate fudge coconut cake. Whaaaaaa?

7. My husband recently got an iPhone and spent no less than 45 minutes trying to take a “good” picture of his watch on Saturday morning. Whatever that means. Regardless, I think he is taking my fake job a little more seriously now.

8. Being a female that indulges often in both Homeland and Sex and the City, I got a little giggle out of this “are you a carrie or a carrie” article. I’m a… Carrie?

9. Just going to put it out there: the Girls episode that aired this week was my most favorite episode in the history of the show. Ever. I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been a female in her 20s within the last 10 years, you could relate to something in there. I sort of even cried at the end… almost. And I cry at nothing. No really, I have a heart of stone.

10. I had a dream one night last week that I had this incredible kitchen with a built-in nespresso (very specific here, people) machine. Yeah yeah, espresso is not something I drink (unless I feel like being cracked out) but I was infatuated with it and legitimately wrecked when I woke up that it was not real life. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’m also in love with the idea of a lovesac sactional couch. Mostly because I just love walking around and screaming SACTIONAL. Does anyone have one?? Add these to the list of ridiculous items that are so not needed in my life. PS: I’m really fun to live with…