1. I wore my favorite neon pink heels on Sunday night to see a show with my parents and you would have thought that I had a freaking scarlet letter A emblazoned across my chest for the looks and trash talk I was getting. It was unreal. It could have been because most of the population was over the age of 65, but whatever.

2. Simply dying over these skittle marshmallow pops. So precious.

3. Have I ever told you about my odd obsession with Josh Groban? Yes. I love him. I know that none of my music taste really fits with my hot pink and glitter and OMG persona, but it definitely fits with my old lady brain. Oh, except for Justin Timberlake. I am on high alert for the day a few weeks from now when his new album comes out and I probably won’t listen to anything else for six straight weeks. I’ll also probably tell you about it. Constantly.

4. I’ve also watched his Grammy performance maybe, like, ten times by now? DVRs, I love you.

5. Today I tried an iced vanilla spiced latte from Starbucks annnnnnd it was one of the foulest things I’ve ever tasted. And not just because I don’t love coffee. I felt like I was actually chewing cardamom and cloves. I am scarred, and no, I didn’t go return it because I am a doormat and don’t know how to stick up for myself.

6. In other news, I’ve been consuming an obnoxious amount of frozen yogurt lately. Coincidentally, I’m thinking about giving up sweets for Lent. Well, like sweets that don’t involve taste testing recipes for my job. Remember that one year I gave up bacon? Yeah, I don’t want to remember it either.

7. Have you guys heard about the whole cruise ship nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico where those people are stranded without power? Okay, I have never been a cruise person. I’ve never desired to go on a cruise. Now? I am never ever ever going on one. Ever. Like Taylor Swift NEVER.

8. I think I can put last Saturday down in the books as one of my favorite eating days ever. It started off with short rib breakfast hash and chocolate covered bacon pancakes and a jalapeño tequila bloody mary for brunch and finished with my favorite pizza in the world and the aforementioned frozen yogurt. Also: I shall never eat again.

9. Oh and? I try to like bloody marys to be cool (and am, well, easily sold on the worlds “jalapeño” and “tequila’) but you know how I don’t like tomato sauce? If you didn’t know, a bloody mary is like drinking straight up tomato sauce. Or juice. Whatever. Duh Jessica. Lesson learned. (but probably not.)

10. Thoughts on Girls? I’m sure most people hated it, but again, I enjoyed it. So relatable. Except for when Hannah turns into a nightmare at the end. Never done that. (and I now hear the collective laughs of everyone I ever dated.)

11. For my 90s friends, here are 38 ways to tell if you had the best childhood ever. I’m just sort of sad that pocket rockers aren’t on there. I used to jam out to Taylor Dayne on that thing. Now I just do it in my kitchen with an iPod dock. Things have not changed.

12. More evidence that Target is out to get me? I want all of the Prabal Gurung things. I mean, allllll of the things. Perhaps I should give up Target for Lent.