1. I have drank (drunk?) the Jennifer Lawrence koolaid. In all fairness to me, I really loved her waaaaay before the Oscars, which probably began when my husband forced me to watched the Hunger Games months ago (he has a weird obsession?) and peaked last week when we went to see Silver Linings Playbook. OMG. I can’t even take how much I love that movie. And her.

2. Oh and this video clip of her post-Oscar interview is incredible. Giant girl crush. Also was dying over her run-in with Jack Nicholson. Barf, but hilarious.

3. Speaking of the Oscars, I just have to say… Mr. Clooney, now that I am 30 and apparently in the age range that is appropriate to date you, please shave your beard. I do not like facial hair – at least not that much. Thank you.

4. On Sunday, my cousin and I had brunch and ordered three breakfasts. For two of us. And… we ate every bite.

5. Yep, and that is coffee up there. Some of you on instagram thought it was tea? I will occasionally cross to the dark side and have coffee with tons of cream and sugar but tea? Never. No interest in drinking dirty water. Uh huh.

6. Can we all just agree that the McDonald’s fish commercial this year is not funny? Can’t they just bring back that stupid fish that sings on the wall so we can all complain how annoying it is? I sort of miss it.

7. Do you have any idea how freaking excited I am that it’s the end of the month again? Because it means that I get to do new beauty + food favorites post this week, and I’ve been waiting for four whole weeks to tell you about stuff. I might have to do something at the half way point from now on because I have no patience for this once-a-month crap.

8. You guys know how I’ve sort of been on a bean burger kick the last year? It mainly stems from my love of all things burgers, but please… look at this ultimate loaded veggie burger. I, the person who doesn’t even like veggies, am dying. It’s unreal.

9. The pile of laundry that needs folding and is sitting in front of my face is absolutely, obnoxiously enormous. I want to show you a picture but I am utterly horrified. Will I ever grow out of this stage? I’m serious.

10. Thoughts on this week’s Girls episode? Ummm. Don’t really know what to say, besides Jessa breaking my heart. And I REALLY miss Adam. Weird? Except I can totally relate to the first scene where Hannah mentions her worst nightmare being her parents picking her up late as a child. Uh, this was my life. I’ve written before about how my mom would be super late picking me up from dance class, and this was not good for a first born, high-anxiety, worrisome pretween. It scarred me for life, but maybe in the best way possible since I’m now 15 minutes early for EVERYTHING. Like, embarrassingly early. I’m not cool to begin with and this makes it a million times worse.

11. I fiiiiiinally updated my weekly menu at the bottom of the page. Last week I told you that I had barely cooked dinner for 2-3 months and well, hence my lack of updating the menu. Fail. I think I’m going out to dinner tonight. Double fail.

12. There is a little bit of winter left here and while I’m relishing it by living in boots and scarves (no really, I might have an infinity scarf hoarding issue), I’m also going to partake in a bit of this tequila hot chocolate. Join me.