1. Over the weekend I bought some girl scout cookies for the first time in maybe five years? It’s been forever since I had them. And all I could think of was… “do they seriously still not accept credit cards?!” Internet generation problems.

2. Speaking of internet generation problems, two weeks ago I sat in a drive-thru line at Rite Aid for over 20 minutes just to pick up a prescription. Because I was too lazy to park, get out of the car and walk inside. I probably could have saved 15 minutes+ had I sucked it up and done the latter. Embarrassing, but I can’t not tell you everything.

3. These irish cream hot fudge cupcakes are one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.

4. Over the years I’ve expressed my sadness over celebrity breakups, because I mean aren’t they supposed to last forever?! And I saw those pictures of them on that magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store and… and… they just looked so happy. I mean, why couldn’t you just make it work Michelle Williams and Jason Segel? I had such high hopes. Oh oh but now that Rachel McAdams is single again let’s start the Ryan Gosling petition. We all know they belong together.

5. May get a lot of hate for this but I… don’t… like… Downton… Abbey. Not at all. Can’t do it. Can’t get into it. Not a fan. Not my cup of tea. (ha.)

6. In other TV news, my husband is OBSESSED with this show called Bar Rescue. No really – obsessed. Like he is DVRing it and watching reruns. And he tells me that Nashville is trash? What the what? I’ve never seen anything so gross and cheesy.

7. Oh and Girls? I don’t know. I understand why they had to take Hannah in that direction but so suddenly? Confusion city. And isn’t she 24? Sometimes I feel like her behavior is believable for 20-21 years old, but 24? Whaaaat. I also am dealing with the odd realization that Adam is my favorite character. Like ever. More Adam please. So weird.

8. This coconut kahlua skillet cake? It’s being made.

9. Um, over the weekend I discovered candy crush? What a freaking ripoff. What a freaking, addictive ripoff. It’s been a good 1.5 years since I’ve been sucked into an iPhone game and well, I am not a happy camper. You know you have an issue when you actually consider buying an extra set of lives for $16.99.

10. Okay. Grocery store lessons. Waiting in the self-checkout line for 10 minutes behind a… “not technology literate”… person with a cart stuffed to the brim should be rewarded by life. Especially after that cart has been emptied and they whip out a giant stack of coupons, in which every other coupon reads ERROR! and requires help on a busy Sunday afternoon. You should probably not move to the self-checkout line next to you, because that person most likely also has their own giant stack of coupons, and then you’re stuck for another 10 minutes while you watch three or four people breeze through the line you were originally in. I think the lesson is if you need to learn patience, go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon and stand in the self-checkout line.

11. I am 30 years old and at least once a week, talk in quotes from Mean Girls. I guess things could be worse? Probably not.