1. It seriously amazes me how rainbow sprinkles completely change a boring vanilla cone. Is it all in my head? A mental thing? It’s real.

2. I have not been able to get this cheesy dish out of my head all week.

3. Walk the Line was on Sunday night, therefore reminding me why it’s the BEST MOVIE IN THE UNIVERSE.

4. Have you ever had a pair of pants that are your most favorite pants ever and you don’t put them in the dryer when you do laundry and then one time when you’re not paying attention you accidentally throw them in only to find out later when folding laundry that you may need to eat 10 less cookies just to fit into them? Wah. Me either.

5. Last week I somehow discovered that Connie Britton was making the rounds on late night shows (like Jimmy Kimmel) and ended up DVRing every single one and watching them multiple times. Still haven’t deleted them either. As if I couldn’t adore her more! And her hair… oomph. ughhhhh Nashville please don’t evereverever end. Or take a break.

6. Cannot get enough of this song, along with Sheryl Crow’s utter hotness. I hope I look half that good at 51. We talk about this (this being her gorgeousness) in our house at least once a week and I have my husband to than for blasting that song on repeat over the last few weeks.

7. I’m most excited about Memorial Day for the fact that I have an excuse to eat more than one hot dog in a sitting. Don’t see #4.

8. I’m not a huge chocolate + raspberry fan but I freak out over strawberry + chocolate and I’m currently really into loaves (loafs?) so this… right up my alley.

9. This is the 100th Tuesday Things and well, I just have to say that I really love you a lot. Forever evah.