1. I’m having a terrible frappuccino problem. It’s bad. And wonderful.

2. Also been eating gummy bears for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wish I was exaggerating but I’ve gone through two containers since Saturday.

3. Spring has more than sprung which means I already have the AC set to 67 in the house. My husband has to sleep with a long sleeved t-shirt on. I turn on the fan and walk around in summer clothes. What is wrong with this picture?

4. Have to share this adorableness by one of my favorite bloggers ever. Can’t even take it.

5. Okay, if you haven’t watched last week’s Nashville, stop reading. I, on the other hand have watched it about six times since Wednesday. I am a giant dork. THE KISS. Oh em gee. I don’t think there has been a kiss like that since Eric and Sookie in season 2 of True Blood. Oompf.

6. Speaking of TV, if you plop yourself down in front of it at night as often as I do, please tell me you’ve seen this commercial. I die every time.

7. THIS. It’s real.

8. I love how after mentioning Darius Rucker’s version of Wagon Wheel last week, you guys FREAKED OUT ON ME. Including people in my real life. Oh my gosh, you know how wretched my taste in music is – OF COURSE I knew about the original version and guess what? Of course I like the new one better. Plus, it’s nearly impossible for me to listen to anything but country music these days. Aside from James Taylor and the occasional 98 Degrees throwback. I tell you all the time I’m a terrible critic. Did you think I was joking? I like movies better than books and remakes better than originals. In fact, I’d probably like it even better if Mariah Carey sang it. Kidding. Sort of. Definitely. Wait. I have no idea anymore.

9. After reading the 27 ways you are not Carrie Bradshaw… I sort of have a bone to pick with #12. Pretty sure most people would agree that I am the most dramatic person in the world.

10. A bunch of people recommended this moisturizer on my beauty faves posts and HOLY COW I am in love. It smells like fruity candy or something and might be the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. Plus… SPF 40! I wore this all day outside on Sunday while watching the marathon in the peak sunlight hours. Officially hooked.

11. I’m eating this for dinner tonight but roasting the heck out of it. Also: extra cheese.