If you’re not a blogger or an avid blog reader, chances are you’re not aware of google reader and it’s demise which is happening… today. Google reader is essentially an “organizer” of all the website feeds that you wish to add, and I’m sort of devastated because it basically saved my life back in 2009 when I first started blogging and had to wake up everyday to go to a job I loathed. Google reader was permanatly open on my computer and it hasn’t closed since. I have HUNDREDS of blogs in my reader. Hundreds.

Since many of you subscribe to this little site by the soon-to-be defunct reader, I’d hate for you to miss out on my oversharing and immature talk for who knows how long. I’m going to be switching to feedly – and I’d love to tell you that I’ve tested it out over the last few weeks and am thrilled with it, but I’m way too much of a procrastinator for that. I did, however, import my google reader lists (it only takes ONE click! super fast.) last week and have been really liking feedly ever since. I also downloaded the app on my phone – it seems to be the best one I’ve ever used.

Another option is bloglovin and I know absolutely nothing about that. What are you currently using? How do you read your favorite blogs? More importantly, are you hungry for a donut right now?

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