1. I sense that I’ve become soooo predictable that if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you probably knew the above picture would be my standard omg-sprinkles-in-my-tuesday-things photo. Wah!

2. I’m having a minor (read: major) meltdown that I’m not going to the Boyz II Men, 98 degrees, etc concert tonight. I was supposed to be on vacation… which I’m clearly not (but will be later this week, yay Jersey Shore) and can’t even stand it. My husband has been sending me pictures of their tour buses that he has spied on walks at lunchtime. I hate life.

3. Giant girl crush on this one here. I’ve got it.

4. I love that 20 years later, I’m picking all the cake out of cake batter ice cream instead of all the cookie dough out of cookie dough ice cream. Things never change.

5. There are two women I look up to who inspire me in but also out of the kitchen, and I am absolutely loving this summer bucket list idea from Kristen. So cool.

6. Sriracha peas! OMG. Freaking out. Favorite snack. Can I make these at home? Halp me.

7. I have so much clutter to get rid of that I’ve devised a plan. I need a candle that smells like Target so when people come over they just want to take everything in my house home with them.

8. Oh and speaking of sprinkles, you know I really don’t like ice cream THAT much? I definitely just use it as a vehicle for the colorful things.

9. Wait. I retract my last statement. Please look at this.

10. Please tell me what your favorite AT&T commercial is? I’ve been hooked on the puppy brother one for the last month. Especially because the girl that sits across from her looks like she has just heard the most brilliant thing ever. I basically walk around my house and randomly shout “this is my puppy brother.”

11. Should I take my real camera to the beach this weekend? Would you like to see some pics? I would like to make a fun beachy video but ummmm I can’t even install a plugin so, yeah. Life problems.