how to deal with fresh coconut. you know i freak over all the coconutty things.

this DIY chocolate facial and this chocolate oatmeal face mask. um. so i’d probably want to eat my face.

this to-die-for freaking salad with fried shallots. omg.

these peach and lavender sangria pops! so cute.

oh and while we’re at it, these salted pistachio popsicles. i’m thinking the nutella = chocolate peanut butter for me.

while we’re at it again, this roasted cherry sangria. can’t even.

this skinny grilled chicken salad sandwich. holy cow.

this tart cherry liqueur sundae. what? i’m so doing this when i’m in michigan next week.

these crispy quinoa fritters. oomph.

these snowcone cookies. !!!!!! so gorgeous.

[I’m going to be sharing these posts once a week or every other week because I have so many things to freak out over. Leave any current links you’re loving!]