1. I have been LIVING ON melons with spoons the last few weeks. Like just give me a half of a cantaloupe or watermelon and a spoon and I am good to go. I can’t get enough. I don’t even need any of the yogurt/honey/toasted nuts/insert whatever you’re going to tell me is amazing on melon here. The simple, really cold fruit is just so refreshing. Me days easily go like this: cantaloupe -> avocado toast -> tomatoes, burrata, basil + balsamic -> sprinkled iced cream.

2. Uh. Bad news bears. Last week I ordered a large and in charge iced coffee from Starbucks and even though I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had ordered a large iced coffee elsewhere, one from Starbucks is giant-er and basically an illegal drug. I don’t like this me.

3. Majorly blog crushing on wit and vinegar. I need this blueberry pie sundae in my life.

4. This is so embarrassingly me: 27 signs of an obsessive list maker.

5. Last week while I was in the kitchen and determined I was bored of every playlist and pandora station known to man, I started to watch the West Wing on netflix and ummm… I’m sort of hooked.

6. In more TV news, I don’t know why but I am still loving Dexter sososo much this season. However, I feel like he or Deb may kick the bucket by the end of the series.  In movie news, I watched Spring Breakers when I was banned to the couch with sickness, or should I say, I tried to watch Spring Breakers. The entire time I was just like what… is… this. I don’t understand. What… is… happening. I am so confused. Made no sense to me. I was also like omgthisissoinappropriate! I am old.

7. Over the weekend I bought this gorgeous sparkly pinkish-purple lipgloss at Sephora and then proceeded to get in my car and put it all over my lips. Only to find out that it is EYE SHADOW. Which I guess makes sense, considering I looked like a cross between a frosty-lipped 1980s hooker and… a unicorn.

8. Let’s talk books! But – new books. Have you read any recent releases lately that you love?

9. Words cannot express how freaking excited I am to go on vacation in a few weeks. I feel like my excitement ranks up there with a ten year old’s excitement. I am going to eat all the s’mores.