1. I am on a huge breakfast-for-dinner kick. I mean, HUGE. I’m even converting my husband a bit. Focus on the “little bit” part.

2. Can’t even take this croissant loaf. Have seriously been dying for it. Dying.

3. Speaking of Eddie, on Saturday he was cutting the grass and ran over a yellow jacket’s nest in the yard. Oh hi worst nightmare. He was stung a billion times (or like 15), I wasn’t home and am now afraid to go outside in our yard. Of course, I make everything all about me.

4. Totally in love with this: the 50 best drinks in Pittsburgh.

5.  19 signs you’re too old for this crap. I am SO ON BOARD with the exceptions of #3 and #11. Cupcakes (with sprinkles) forever.

6. Dexter. What the heck. I am so impatient but don’t want it to end.

7. Okay, I swear I won’t talk about it much since I can’t stop talking about it, but we had a wild Friday night… me in the living room watching six hours of the West Wing and him upstairs in bed watching six hours of Breaking Bad. Too bad I want to do that like every single day. Um, something else? I can’t get over the freaking cameos in the West Wing. Well, I guess they aren’t technically cameos since for a lot of people, it was one of their first roles – but but but! Connie Britton was in an episode I watched last night! Um, we know how I feel about her. Secret BFF.

8. These new neon sharpies have made my entire week. I love school supplies like no other.

9. Did gmail get all new on anyone else over the weekend? I sort of hate it but can’t figure out how to change it but also sort of like it but now I don’t see half of my emails unless I click to those other boxes. haaalp me.

10. I’m all about the royal baby and am in love with Kate Middleton… and even hold a torch for William since when I was growing up all I heard about was how my mom was pregnant at the same time as Diana and omg, you could be a princess! (yeah okay), but this is sorta hilarious: 25 things more exciting that the royal baby. All in good fun, friends.

11. I love you guys. For the last four years you have alerted me countless times when something in the universe had to do with neon, 90s references, James Taylor and bacon, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard as much from you when I did last week after Jesse and the Rippers were on Jimmy Fallon. Yes. Jesse and the Rippers. My entire life was blowing up. I die.

12. We bought some pink lemonade from a little stand in our neighborhood on Sunday and it reminded me of when I used to do lemonade stands with my friends back in the day. From the early age of… probably ten, I always said I never wanted to do something that required me to sit behind a desk, and when I see these stands I just want to go up to these kids and scream “keep going! keep being all entrepreneurial and stuff!” Would that be scary?

13. In reference to #12, I am working on my fiction novel and absolutely obsessed. I am going to tell you more soon. Like I actually got out of bed at one in the morning on Sunday night to write a post about it. Yes, I am scary.