1. Me: the most boringest pizza eater ever.

2. I have a million appointments to make but am such a product of the internet generation that unless I can make them online, I just procrastinate and whine about making them. Like, I don’t even want to call and order that pizza. Horrible, horrible millennial. I wish I could just force myself to grow up.

3. Not really sure that I can deal with these chicken and waffle melts. I terribly want that for dinner.

4. We’ve already covered how my iPhone really enjoys autocorrecting things to the word “duck,” but this weekend it hit a new low when it autocorrected “naked” to “makes.” What? Since when is naked a horrible word that is not in the iPhone vocab? P.S. if you watched True Blood then you know exactly what I was referring to anyway. Completely innocent…

5. Super excited for football season because of the… food. Duh.

6. Regardless of how old I get/how my palette matures, I will forever be able to inhale funfetti desserts. And when I say funfetti, I mean straight from the box.

7. Oh my gosh. So much TV stuff to talk about. I’m annoyed with Dexter, even more annoyed with True Blood and speaking of TV shows that should have ended years ago to prevent the current ruining that is going on – did you see that Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s Anatomy? Will this finally be the end? What awful, unrealistic, insane ending will they give her?

8. This is one of my all-time favorite meals. Truth: I made it last week and ate it four days in a row.

9. Since I’m perpetually stuck in the last decade, I’ve blown through so much of the West Wing that I’m now on the last season and will probably fall into a serious depression once I’m finished. The best discovery in the world was that there are actual (fairly newer) twitter accounts for the characters and of course, I lost like an hour of my life looking at them SINCE THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE AND ALL. Oomph. This is pretty awesome though. You know, the actual real people.

10. Okay, one more I’m-stuck-in-the-90s thing. Apparently Jane cosmetics is making a comeback which totally gave me a blast from the past because I used to beg my mom to take me to Hills where I would sit in the cosmetic aisles for hours and play with makeup. Yep… addicted since I was a kid.

11. Err…. I lied. One more: 31 things you desperately need from the 1996 delia’s catalog. If you’re a girl and around my age, please look at this. Pretty sure I was dying for #21. And that’s where most of my platform flip flops came from.

12. Don’t even talk to me about pumpkin for another month… unless of course you can manage a way to get me an iced pumpkin latte from Dunkin’ Donuts rightthisverysecond. Best friends forever.