1. Lots of you sent me a link to this sprinkle grinder recently. Is it a real thing? Can we make it a real thing?

2. I put it on facebook over the weekend but I have now watched the lady antebellum + stevie nicks crossroads collaboration on CMT about four times. So, so good.

3. So wait. There is brown butter buttermilk syrup in this world? Like that exists? I’m dead.

4. There are so many 80s songs that I can no longer take seriously or listen to if they come on in the car because all I picture are the extremely uncomfortable scenes from Rock of Ages.

5. On Saturday I heard a commotion above me and after walking up the stairs, saw my husband dancing and singing blurred lines. He’s like, “OMG you have to hear this song, I just found it and it’s so good.” Uh… just a few months late.

6. He’s also recently discovered some of my face masks. It’s pretty hilarious.

7. Absolutely dying over the dumbest things ever said on twitter. This is almost as good as the autocorrects.

8. I’m not even really sure what to say about Dexter because I’m just like… how are you ending this? But still loving Boardwalk only two episodes in this season and it sort of exacerbates my awkward Steve Buscemi crush. Otherwise I’m just rewatching West Wing episodes because I’m a boring freak.

9. That froyo up there is almond milk froyo from TCBY. Almond milk froyo = even more room for toppings. Jess math.

10. I’m still in the midst of a big bootie obsession. Yes, I know how that sounds but I’m talking shoes people. I want them all.