1. I’ll be cool if I don’t see another cupcake for a few months. Or maybe like four days.

2. Completely losing it over this coconut angel food cake with greek yogurt frosting. WHAT! See: already moving closer to cake.

3. Okay. Seriously, how badly do I need to throw this 80s birthday party? I can’t even take it.

4. I actually referred to myself as going “balls to the wall” in a semi professional description last week. So pro. Ugh.

5. I don’t really think I can discuss Dexter yet (though I will in the comments section if you want! beware, comments may = spoilers!) but I actually found the ending to be perfect. I know most people hated it. They are comparing it to Seinfeld. I’m in a different boat… oh ha ha. Pun intended. Hilarious.

6. My life was made last week when Allison Janney performed the jackal. I’m STILL (re)watching the West Wing. Hmmpf.

7. Last week a package I had delivered for my husband’s birthday came two days earlier than expected and he saw it. I was devastated because I love giving people gifts that they don’t know about it. Then when I went to wrap his gifts, I realized we only had Christmas wrapping paper. Major fail. I truly thought we had birthday wrapping paper and I didn’t buy any in an attempt to avoid extra clutter. Also: I always wait until the last minute. Lesson learned. (but probably not.)

8. This is the best DIY homemade pumpkin spice latte I’ve tried. Also have made it with coconut milk (like real coconut milk, from the can) and… wowza.

9. THIS. what a messy desk says about you. Sooooooo what if your “desk” is essentially everywhere when you work from home?

10. Have I told you before that I don’t like nutella? I think I have. Just not a fan. I said this last week and watched some eyes pop out of heads. I can’t help it. Chocolate peanut butter reigns supreme.

11. OMG! YES! 19 reasons raisins should be put in jail. It could not be more true.

12. Yesterday I broke a bowl, my favorite glass pitcher and two glasses – all at different times. Let’s pretend that’s good luck?