this slow cooker thai chicken soup. not only does it sound incredible, but the freaking pictures? gah.

this cinnamon sugar donut ice cream. i just… can’t.

this creamy polenta with roasted maple sea salt vegetables. maybe (read: definitely) i can do veggies this way.

these buttermilk chocolate chip crumb cupcakes. this is so breakfast.

these apple cider pancakes. ’tis the season.

this sweet potato tahini crostini. GAH.

these roasted acorn squash pancakes. serious pancake obsession.

this chai pumpkin oatmeal. i don’t even like oatmeal. i want to eat all of this oatmeal.

these bicoastal cookies. so cool.

these drunken monkey marshmallows. in freaking love.

this apple spice crumb cake. big thing with crumbs this week!

these sweet potato fries with gravy and cheese. yes. all day. every day.

[I’m going to be sharing these posts once a week or every other week because I have so many things to freak out over. Leave any current links you’re loving!]