Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream I

1. I have a problem. See above.

2. Completely freaking over these salted caramel apple dumplings. The pictures… gah. Actually, the whole blog.

3. I put it out there on Facebook over the weekend, but there seriously needs to be a classier pumpkin emoji. I am just not all about the jack o’ lantern. You know, sometimes it just doesn’t jive with my obligatory instagram fall scene.

4. I’ve managed to become really good at singing songs through tunnels. Like when the radio satellite dies halfway through? It’s my mission to sing it perfectly until I’m out.

5. These 36 things you never realized everyone else does too is spot on. Like especially #2 and #3.

6. This is unconfirmed but I am 95% certain that Nickelodeon reduced my bedtime Friends episodes at night from four down to two. I don’t even know what to do with myself. The answer would probably be sleep.

7. Are you a fan of Halloween? Like dressing up and what not? I actually like Halloween in itself but I loooooathe dressing up. I have no desire to dress up as anything ever. I’m no fun.

8. Sooooo Trader Joe’s now has a cookie butter swirled with chocolate. It kind of reminds me of the old school peanut butter jar that was swirled with jelly that was ultimately 100% disgusting but I would still beg my mom to buy it anyway. She never did, so in completely rebellion I had to buy the cookie butter swirl jar. Considering I used to dip large chunks of chocolate into the cookie butter jar, it’s like they are inside my brain. They know me.

9. BUT. My issue with things like these speculoos butters is that I grab a spoon and am all “oh this is fine I can eat half the jar I’m getting healthy fats blah blah blah.” WAIT. no. It’s crushed cookies. CRUSHED COOKIES>THIS IS NOT PEANUT BUTTER. fail.

10. Remember back in the day (like over 2 years ago) when I was so obsessed with Pinterest? I took a break for a while because it stressed me out (it’s like Vegas, sensory overload) but now I am reacquainted (what an awful word to spell) and can’t stop. My current favorite things to pin are libraries. I want to have a home with a gigantic monstrosity of a library.

11. I really don’t know how I feel about Homeland. After the second episode I was like… how long can this storyline go on? The first season it was realistic (my husband totally disagrees, whatever), the second season it ventured outside of that a bit… and now? I just feel like they are RUINING IT. Please turn it around. Please. Also, it’s pretty pathetic that all I still want on the Walking Dead is a Carol/Daryl hookup.

12. Uh, speaking of TV, this huge iconic of my childhood was replayed and it was… fantastic.