autumn I

1. Is there a place where it is eternally fall? There should be and I should live there.

2. My world just exploded: whole wheat CROISSANTS. From the only person I would trust with whole wheat croissants. Such a win.

3. This morning I turned on the TV to watch GMA (my favorite) while making breakfast and Beaches happened to be on the last station I was watching. So I basically ate a breakfast of tears.

4. I made a box of brownies at my parents’ house last Friday and seriously, they were some of the best brownies I have ever had. Why you gotta be so good, boxes?

5. Since I’m in a Halloween candy coma, does anyone else remember like 20 years ago when Twix had other flavors, such as chocolate mint and cookies and cream? That was the life.

6. Speaking of Halloween, I’m super excited because hopefully by this time next week, Jimmy Kimmel will have his annual video where the parents tell their kids that they ate all of their candy. So funnay.

7. Are you guys fans of haunted houses? They scare the crap out of me. Haven’t been to one in years but if I go, I need to be in the middle of a large group of people. This video of one of Ellen’s writers and producers going through a haunted house is SO me. It’s hilarious.

8. TV schtuff. SO Homeland, you’re getting so good. My heart was in pieces for Saul, it was pumping for Quinn (omg) and can we talk about Dana? Apparently there is all this hate for Dana and she actually doesn’t bother me that much. I mean I think her mannerisms are hilarious and the SNL skit was to die for last year, but otherwise, I don’t mind her. I think the actress is gor.geous. Though I do have to say that one of her scenes on Sunday might have beat out James Van der Beek for the ugliest cry ever. Also, I just gotta say that I am LOVING Avery on Nashville now, love his chemistry with Juliette – so glad they kept him around. I definitely cried at the end last week with my BBF Connie Britton singing. WHY DOES THIS SHOW DO THIS TO ME.

9. This list killed me: the 50 most 90s things to ever happen. And if you want a good giggle: 32 people who are having a worse day that you. I laughed at some of those like I do with autocorrects.

10. Five years later and we still argue over who loads the dishwasher the best way. I apparently do it wrong. But guess what! So does he.