tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I know my obsession with fall has practically overtaken this blog, but I think this has been one of the best autumns of my life ever. The colors have seemed to last forever and stuff… is good.

2. Flipping my lid over this bbq bacon ranch chopped salad. It’s like everything I love in a CHOPPED salad! The only way I really enjoying eating salad. Salad salad salad.

3. You know how I always talk about my dumb mistake of chopping jalapeños and then rubbing my eyes? I’ve been doing pretty well… until last night. I had chopped jalapeños earlier in the day, obviously washing my hands multiple times but not using my lemon juice trick. Last night in yoga I’m all sweaty and RUBBED MY EYES. With my contacts in, still having to drive home… oh man. It was baaaaad.

4. YES. Hoped it was coming last week: Jimmy Kimmel has parents tell their kids that they ate their Halloween candy. I still don’t think anything is as funny as the first year.

5. Remember how I broke my crockpot? Really, my life has not been the same since. Major first world problem. Please link your favorite crockpot below. I have tried two brand new ones and guess what? Both were defective and had to be returned. They just don’t make things like they used to. Oh hey, I’m 75 years old too.

6. Only two more days until the annual Sephora sale and um, can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited about this? Do you really want to see a Sephora sale wish list?

7. Walking Dead! I am so annoyed with Rick right now. Seriously, that show gives me anxiety. And Homeland? Could my heart break for Saul anymore? I don’t think so.

8. Freaking love this: 24 quotes to inspire you to write more.

9. I may not be ready for Christmas music yet, but am pretty darn thrilled that the pier 1 commercial is back where the little penguin says “my foot’s smooshed in a cupcake.” Dying of cuteness.