tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-2

1. We only ate a few donuts this past weekend. Have you ever had a (fried) samoa donut? If you want to live a happy life, you probably should.

2. Life question: why is it that I can buy a new shirt and never wear it yet I can’t throw away the t-shirts I’ve had for over ten years that are riddled with holes? I put away about four of them last night while doing my least favorite chore ever: folding laundry. Tied with unloading the dishwasher.

3. I can’t even deal with this french silk pie on a stick. I mean, how? I want it so bad.

4. It snowed a bit today (if you’re on instagram I’m sure you didn’t seen five thousand photos of it or anything) and here is my theory on snow: I like it but wish it snowed everyday until, like, the first week of January. It would get us all pumped up for the pretty holidays. And then, no more snow please. Just these few weeks.

5. Totally amazed at how one week it looks like this outside and the next it looks like this. All the leaves are down. WAH. In good news for you, no more fall spam.

6. I had a dream Sunday night that my bottom front teeth were falling out before my eyes. I’ve had these dreams before and have read that they usually signify feeling out of control? I dunno. I’m a control freak and feel pretty in control right now. But it haunted me all day! Ew.

7. The 23 absolute worst parts of childhood. So many… oh yes.

8. I tweeted on Sunday night that the Walking Dead emotionally drains me and it seriously does. I realize how utterly ridiculous that sounds but it’s true. I can’t bear to lose anyone else. No no no. Also, my boyfriend Daryl is such a bad ass. I’m glad that Homeland is getting better but I still feel like it needs SOMETHING else. Like a new storyline that is actually halfway believable? I don’t even mind Carrie acting crazy and going off her meds and being in the psych ward because that is real life normal. The rest is a lil nuts.

9. Last week while Eddie was watching Taylor Swift receive the Pinnacle award on the CMAS, he literally teared up. You may think that over these last four years, the jabs I take at him regarding T Swift are just random and not true, but oh no. They are REAL. He adores her.

10. I’m trying to do a little home project by myself. Pray for me. (or the house.)