tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It’s snowing! Like a lot. Perhaps the world is answering my request to snow from now until January 1st and then… stop.

2. In true last minute form, I’m pretty sure I must make this sweet potato cake with marshmallow frosting. You know me and marshmallows.

3. I have a new problem. A starbucks peppermint brownie cake pop problem. Okay, I don’t even really care for cake pops. But I want one of these every day. And okay again, I’ve only had one. But it’s a struggle. I want to go through the drive thru every single afternoon and buy one. Laziness at it’s finest.

4. On Friday, this happened.

5. Oh and it’s that time of year again where I wish someone would do elf on the shelf for me. I’m a child.

6. For the third year in a row I need to include a point about Ryan Gosling still not being named People’s sexiest man. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adam Levine, but… when, Ryan, when?

7. TV. Let’s go through my list. I very much enjoyed the Boardwalk finale EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING. If you know who my favorite character is on Boardwalk, then you know what I’m talking about. This took the cake with the finale from exactly two years. Just… no. Also, I need more Margaret. I’ve managed to watch the Walking Dead without having a heart attack but that’s only because I don’t care about the last two episodes. If they kill off someone I love, I will lose it. You know, since it’s real life and all. My thoughts on Homeland are getting better, I think because I let go of any realism surrounding the show. It’s completely ridiculous, but I’m enjoying it now. Saul is still my spirit animal. I was almost physically ill over what was happening to Brody. Now can we please have a new storyline, which maybe accidentally on purpose includes Quinn being on screen for the full 45 minutes? Also, I still love Nashville. Always. Total guilty pleasure.

8. Gah! Speaking of TV I keep forgetting to talk about Killing Kennedy. Did you guys end up watching it? My crushes on Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin increased tenfold.

9. In the spirit of serious thanksgiving thankfulness, I have to share these two things. The first can’t stop bringing me to tears, and the second… well that advice is spot on.

10. It’s that time of year again to start thinking about planners! This past year I’ve been using the erin condren planner but in my “research” I’ve found this and sort of love it. Thoughts? #omgschoolsupplies

11. In relation to #omgschoolsupplies, I was in Staples earlier this week when the song “Barbie Girl” came on. What? I’m so confused in life.