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1. We are going on a trip tomorrow and as my husband was cleaning out his travel backpack, he took out a handful of change that he keeps “in case he has to make a call from a phone booth.” My response was “what is a phone booth?” But no. Really?

2. He also has 18 (no exaggeration) bags of snacks packed for a trip to a city where we will do nothing but eat. This is my life.

3. This s’mores cake. Is this real life?

4. The only thing on my TV lineup this week besides Christmas Vacation was Homeland. I’m having a slight panic attack because I saw that in real life, Saul shaved his beard and said he hadn’t been allowed to shave it for over two years. Um, why now? This is causing me to come up with all sorts of theories about the final episode this week and if something happens to him, I might cry. Also, I feel like Brody is going to get killed off. I don’t think that is a spoiler since it’s just my own thoughts and people have been saying he is going to get killed for three years now. So yeah… that.

5. I mentioned earlier this week that we watched House of Cards. In two days. Yes – the whole things, in two days. Happy holiday season to us! Anyhoo, I have a massive girl crush on Robin Wright. Holy cow. That hair, her clothes, gah. All of it. I want that hair cut but I’d probably have to grow eight inches and then have more prominent cheekbones surgically implanted in my face. Stunning on her.

6. Did you see that Pantone named the color of 2014 to be radiant orchid? Uhh. Are they spying on me?

7. Now that I ran out of crafts to do, I want to do more. Any fun and obnoxiously easy things you can share with me? Please.

8. Can we talk about the Sprint commercials with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell? How they talk as if they are communicating on Facebook? I’m sure a bunch of you hate those but I laugh out loud every single time. Especially when they say “totes mcgotes.” Just… no. I die.

9. Big giggles: the 28 funniest notes written by kids in 2013. In hysterics. Don’t we wish that the first one was true?