tuesday things-1-2

1. On Friday, I baked until I dropped. Like almost everything on my list. For serious. Then I drank that wine. Plus some.

2. Dying over this peppermint white chocolate tart… with candied mint leaves. What the what?! I might be making that this weekend.

3. I’m curious to know how you feel about wrapping presents? I find that lots of people dislike it or find it to be tedious. But I? I love it. Like oh-so much.

4. This year, my husband helped me decorate sugar cookies and they truly look like preschoolers iced them. This is why I need somebody to come decorate my house and clean out my closet. Otherwise it’s going to look like we live in a playskool dollhouse. My taste is baaaaad. And as usual, my patience = zero.

5. What is your Christmas album of choice right now? I’ve been blasting the Dave Barnes holiday album, along with NSYNC, of course. See #4.

6. The 23 most unforgivable spelling mistakes of 2013. And I just spelled unforgivable wrong. Also, last night we laughed so hard at this that my throat hurts today: 33 GIFS from 2013.

7. I shockingly didn’t get hit in the Target security breach, which to me is seriously amazing because I have probably been there more in the last month than the last year. Ugh. They just have everything I don’t need.

8. All of my favorite TV shows were off this past week, but I did watch a bunch of old Entourage episodes (favorite!) while making some snacks on Saturday and Eddie and I started watching Sons of Anarchy. Actually I think we started watching it when it began, but never finished. I’m scared of it. I’m a huge baby.

9. If you celebrate, what are your Christmas Eve traditions? Christmas Eve is the BEST part of Christmas in my family. I’m like an hour away from making a gigantic vat of lobster mac and cheese. Apparently this is a boring holiday themed Tuesday Things? Ho ho ho.