this reflection on successes and struggles. totally LOVE this concept. want to do it myself.

these superfood sunshine smoothies. i can already feel the good health.

these slow cooker kale omelettes.  i know. I KNOW.

this bittersweet sparkler cocktail. hey… technically the holidays are over after this weekend.

these green butter grilled oysters. this girl does is again. she blows me away.

these gramercy tavern bar nuts. made them on sunday. ate them all.

this resolution cake. um… gorgeous?

this winter abundance bowl. whoa baby.

this basil, bacon + tomato breakfast sandwich. need.

these smoky black eyed pea veggie burgers. she makes the BEST veg burgers.

this leftover hungover sandwich. for this morning. you know.

this tomato soup with quinoa + feta. intrigued by this combo. so filling.

these chocolate mint bites. one of my favorite combos.

this grapefruit old fashioned. ohmahgah.

these chocolate banana streusel muffins. i’ll eat anything with banana. anything.

these polenta pizzas. the possibilities!

this veggie packed chicken and stars soup. just the name alone sold me. i want to eat stars!

this chocolate chip cheesecake with hot fudge sauce. what diet?

[these are my current favorite links around the internets and what not. leave your own goods or what you’re loving below!]