currently crushing on I


this very decadent hot chocolate. i can’t even.

this blueberry crumb cake. i am SO into blueberries lately. be in season please.

the cutest valentine’s day cocktail EVER. i’ll drink anything with a heart.

these grilled sweet potato tacos with lime crema. oh so good.

this skillet cookie with strawberry pop rocks. mind blown.

this 2 minute chocolate mug cake. dangerous.

this blood orange bourbon cocktail. i’ll take three please.

this double chocolate peanut butter layer cake with popcorn. for real?

this bourbon chocolate banana cream pie. don’t have to twist my arm.

this chocolate pasta with gorgonzola cream. my heart!

these dark chocolate and caramelized white chocolate cupcakes. WHAT.

these korean flank steak tacos. so into it.

this homemade strawberry almond milk. !!!!

these toasted marshmallow salted caramel cookie squares. so golden.

this red velvet beet cake with goat cheese frosting. i think i can do it.

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