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All of the Valentine’s Day stuff at Target. Seriously? Kills me every year. Hate them. I mean, just look at this.

FANGIRL! Wow. I loved this book more than words can say. It has been my favorite book of the year so far. I did end up reading Labor Day this week and I liked it but was also sort of… meh. I’d probably give it 2.5 stars. Should I do this goodreads thing? It overwhelms the heck out of me. But I’m keeping a list of the books I’m reading this year and it may be easier?

My black uggs. I sort of hate myself for this since I’ve been a hypocrite in the past and talked about how much I hate uggs and am past the point of wearing them in public. Ummmm no. I’m a brat. With these low temps, I’ve seriously had them on my feet ALL day long some days. They have definitely done wonders in this fifteen below zero wind.

Ch-ch-ch-chia! I mean chia pudding. I’ve had it for breakfast almost every weekday this month. You know how bored I get with stuff and it’s awesome that not only are the combinations endless, but it’s ready momentarily because I prep it the night before. Which means that immediately after I workout, I can go to the fridge and eat eat eat instead of having to be patient for three minutes while I cook eggs. I’m annoying.

Um. Sons of Anarchy. Do I even need to put this in here because I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about it every single week. We are so hooked on the show and it kinda surprises me since it’s out of my girly element. We are in the middle of season five but oh, don’t worry, in googling one of the characters I know what happens in the most recent season. THANKS GOOGLE. I honestly wasn’t even looking.

My rose gold Nixon watch. I just love this so much. Got it for Christmas and never want to take it off.

Some turbofire workouts. It has been SO cold that many days I don’t even want to venture outside. We’ve had turbofire for over two years now but for some reason, usually gravitate towards insanity for an at-home workout. I was bored with that and threw turbofire in one morning. Now I love it even more.

Gap winter scarves… again. I’ve included some form of scarf in my favorites since September, but these Gap ones are taking the cake. They are SO soft and warm. The past few years I’ve really been into infinity scarves and have missed out on the good old long scarf that has two ends. The colors are awesome too.

Avocado toast with… honey! This isn’t a new favorite, but I’ve covering my avocado toast with some humboldt fog cheese like usual and then giving it a little drizzle of the sweet stuff. Mind = blown. If I want even more of a meal, I’ll add a bunch of those sweet and tangy peppers on top that I love.

My Whitney English planner. I know I talked about it last month, but after a full 30+ days of using it? Just adore. It’s motivating and not overwhelming. It’s saving me. Makes me be more productive. Plus, it’s, like, totally pretty.

On that same note: PENS. I know what you’re thinking that word looks like. Come on. We aren’t in sixth grade anymore. I’ve been testing out a few pens that work best in the planner and don’t bleed through. I’m loving these sharpie ones because they are colorful and I am a child. I’m also really like these le pen pens I got in a swag package from Alt Summit. They are bomb.

When it comes to music, I’m still blasting the beyonce album like a ton of other people in the world. It makes my days fly by.

This chocolate bar. I feel like I talk about one of these every month, but I love stashing them away and breaking some off for a treat at night. The flavors!

All the Katie Waltman jewelry. I mentioned this earlier in the week, but I went into the store while in Salt Lake City and just love her stuff so much. I bought this delicate little necklace and haven’t stopped wearing it since.

Also, still loving statement earrings from J Crew. They kill my ears but they make me so happy. They are like wearing a super high pair of crazy ass shoes. I only wear them when I’ll be somewhere for a short amount of time. The pain is worth it. It’s the new statement necklace for me.

This milk frother. I bought it at the end of December and since I now like coffee (with a lot of crap in it), I really like this because I can make almond milk foam! I’m still trying to do latte art though and failing miserably.

The brown sugar cinnamon iced coffee from Dunkin. WHOA. Love it. Although, I am forced to get it with skim milk (I wish they had almond) because if you ask for regular milk or cream, the coffee comes out WHITE. For real. Either way, it’s such a delish combo. I want one every single day.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]