tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-11

1. Food tastes better on heart plates that are probably made for children but somehow end up in my possession.

2. Some of the most perfect comfort food ever: soft boiled eggs with grilled cheese slices. DEAD.

3. Well. I certainly lost my mind over Bruno Mars and the super bowl halftime show. I adored it. I pretty much just sat there in disbelief staring at the screen. Then I’d be all “Eddie! THIS IS SO GOOD!” I’ve since watched it a million times.

4. Speaking of the game, I know everyone is like omg, it was so boring, what a blowout. Not that I had any stake in this game, but I’m such an anxiety ridden freak over close scoring games that I welcome a big gap in scoring. During football season, I’m all about those games where my team happens to be up 30 points and I can rest easy. I’m a snoozefest.

5. I sucked it up and joined goodreads. Now let’s see if I can keep up with it. Why am I always three years behind in life? It’s a little overwhelming at the moment as I can only think of the books I have liked in the past few years. I need to go through my book stash which makes me feel like a hoarder. Two words: must donate. I have a difficult time parting with books though!

6. I have said this before but I am legitimately ticked off that I got married before pinterest. It really is not fair.

7. As if I needed another reason to adore Meryl Streep.

8. Yesterday a phone book was delivered to our doorstep. I have a serious question. And no, I’m not being a smart ass. Do people really still use phonebooks? I think my mom might occasionally use one since she doesn’t use the internet at all, but I don’t know another soul who uses one. If there is a time when we need a number for a business, we… google it. It’s also kind of funny how people now find phone books to be creepy. Like, what do you mean that my phone number and address are in there?!

9. Your Tuesday just got so much better: 28 Valentine’s Day cards you haven’t seen since the 90s. Um, true story: I wanted to buy a pack of hot pink little valentines at Target the other day. Obviously. Since the moment I walk in the door they somehow drug my brain.

10. I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Girls this season. I did like this week’s episode a little more than the previous two. I’m just so curious why Hannah STILL thinks it is appropriate to dress this way. Like wouldn’t her boyfriend tell her to pull it together before going to work? I think it’s far past her being a liberated woman. Get it together man! Besides our Sons of Anarchy marathons, I’m not watching much else at the moment. Except for Nashville OF COURSE. With my BFF Connie. I wish it was on seven days a week. So common.

11. Been in the craziest baking mood lately. I’ve made funfetti cookies (yes, from the box cake) twice in one week and made this lemon cake this morning. Can you say snowed in cabin fever?