tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-12

1. I am so over boot-like shoes and wore the above outside this past weekend like a freak. Yes, my feet got soaked and at one time it looked like I was wearing snow covered pumps. Worth it.

2. Please flip your lid with me over this nutella ice cream in brioche. I know. I don’t even really care for nutella. But THIS! Changing that.

3. We have had so much constant snow and ice that I will drive through anything now. No fear. I will drive in piles of snow or sleet. Maybe it’s the cabin fever getting to me. I’m not scared!

4. Who else is freaking out that Sarah Jessica Parker now has a line of shoes? Oh yeah. I’ll admit it. I’m common enough.

5. You know how last week I mentioned that I absolutely was not listening to the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack all day, every day by myself (without kids)? Well. A bunch of you sent me this link to 24 hours of Happy. 24 hours! And then. It was so stuck in my head that I woke up at 1:30AM to google the lyrics.

6. I used to have quite the collection of Caboodles, all of them mostly pink, of course. Here are 38 things you will never experience again.

7. Um. I’m pretty excited that Girls semi-redeemed itself this week with that episode. Has Shoshanna ever been more amazing? And the DANCE?! gah. And True Detective is killing me. Can I just marry HBO? Why is it so perfect? OH! And the Walking Dead. I get why they are doing what they’re doing and it’s moving slowly, but okay, you can stop now. I was very happy to see a certain someone. Okay, a few certain someones.

8. Now on to the most important thing: House of Cards! We are halfway through the second season and would probably even be further in but have had to exercise a little bit of discipline and actually do things like work. That first episode was nuts. Robin Wright needs to give me a haircut. I’m curious who you are rooting for in the series? Even though I get what they are doing, I’m still soooo on board with Frank and Claire. Why do I want them to succeed?

9. If I was five years younger, I would probably bleach my hair blonde and then dye it light pinkish-purple like I keep seeing all over pinterest. I’ll never get over that.

10. As I was writing this post, I ate a container of what I thought was lime yogurt. I have now come to the realization that it was moldy yogurt. Yep. happy tuesday to me.