tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-20

1. I’m paying $1.99 for avocados (like for ONE avocado) and I don’t even care. Because they are finally getting good again. Please don’t tell me how you spend three cents for a fantastic avocado. It doesn’t happen here.

2. This mint mocha shake. I can’t even. The photos. The shake. Totally craving.

3. I’ve never been interested in April Fools. Does that mean I lack a sense of humor and funness? Probably. I only like the pranks if they are REALLY good. The american eagle american beagle thing was pretty fantastic this week – and they are using it do something good? These ones are also making me giggle. I wish somebody would cover my car in post-it notes. Because #OMGschoolsupplies.

4. Apparently… according to pinterest and major retailers and stuff, backpacks as purses are BACK. I can’t even tell you how I longed for mini backpack purses when I was a tween. I def had my fair share. GAH. But now… I don’t think I can do it.

5. Oh. Also. I should probably wear these donut shoes. Or not. Can you even imagine?

6. Eddie doesn’t get understand how Target steals all of my money every week, but these 53 thoughts pretty much go through my head every time I step through the door. When did my cart get so full?

7. The Walking Dead! I thought the finale was pretty darn good, though I must be desensitized to terrible things because I wasn’t that blown away. I am loving that Rick is BACK. Hmmm Nashville. Never did I ever think I’d wish a show moved more slowly for some extra buildup – I am afterall Miss Impatience. I mean, can’t you see the suspense if Will’s storyline was three or four seasons long before anything was revealed? But no. Like why are we already messing with Juliette and Avery? WHY CAN’T ANYONE BE HAPPY FOR MORE THAT TWO SECONDS? Oh well. I’m still obsessed and want to move to Nashville.

8. I’m a GMA morning show devotee who thinks her world is now over since Josh Elliot left the show.

9. I gave up going through the coffee drive thru for lent. Like, going through Starbucks or Dunkin to get iced coffee. It was becoming a serious issue – I wanted to go every single day. I still want to go every single day. And yes, I really just mean going through the drive thru. Because it’s 2014 and I’m lazy and don’t want to get out of my car. I will go on a run or walk four miles and then DRIVE THRU to get coffee. I get it. I hate me too. It’s the epitome of what sucks in this generation. I just want all the iced coffees in the world. This is making me want it even more. And NO, of course I cannot make it myself. Because it’s 2014 and, you know… I won’t go into that again. If I had iced coffee, I wouldn’t go off the rails like this.

10. As a note, I should say that someone is benefiting from my lack of drive thru iced coffee, and it’s Eddie. He loathes coffee, but way more than I ever hated it back when I hated it. Like can’t-stand-the-smell loathes it. He thinks it’s a disgusting habit like smoking. I torture him with it. I’m a wonderful wife.