tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I made my mom these marshmallows for mother’s day because I did so last year and she loved them. Of course, trashed them up with chocolate and copious amounts of rainbow sprinkles. Which are still all over the floor. They are impossible to clean up.

2. Insanity. This cheddar buttermilk waffle BLT is going to be our dinner tonight. Shut the heck up.

3. ‘Tis the season for summer happy hours and gigantic swirl ice cream cones. I’m dying for my first of the season.

4. Remember when I bought that orchid a few weeks ago and immediately killed that orchid within about 12 hours? Well. IT HAS BLOOMS. I hadn’t tossed it yet out of pure laziness, I have not moved it, yet I noticed it has blooms. What does this meeeean.

5. Yesterday while cooking, I might have had been listening to the En Vogue pandora station (one of my serious faves) and found myself choreographing dances in my head like I used to when I was 10. Then I wished I had a sister.

6. Can’t.stop.giggling. 18 reasons that everyone should embrace their inner basic bitch. #3 and #10.

7. I’m in that mood again where I want to learn how to golf. But just because it seems like something fun you can do. Kind of like how I wanted to learn to like coffee a few years ago. If you get me out in the blazing heat and I’m forced to wear a collared shirt, I might throw a massive tantrum. It’s probably not a good idea.

8. I’m kind of on pins and needles waiting for the Nashville finale and, like… do you think Rayna will accept the proposal? I actually think that she will because it would be too easy to throw her and Deacon together. And I’m already hating on the Grey’s finale this week because obviously they are killing someone or something and they always do this and it’s gut wrenching and awful. I guess I just love to hate-watch it.

9. Also, I’ve been rewatching old episodes of true blood on HBOgo (like season 3, aka the best season ever) and while I’m excited for the new season to start, am sad at what a complete trainwreck the show has become the last 2+ years.

10. Um. Mean Girls pencils. Hello, necessity.

11. Thunderstorms at night: freak you out or relax you? I’m a child so I spent all last night hiding under the covers.