I’ve drank the summer koolaid!

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I know I’m pushing it with it still being spring and all, but I’ve been all about the slightly tan, glowy bronzy look this month. And when I say slightly tan I’m pretty sure you’d still consider me as pale as a ghost. But tan for me. Fake tan in a bottle that is. And golden shimmer stuff on my face. Minimal summery makeup! Yes, that.

I’m still loving pretty much everything I talked about last month and am using it up. I really love that shiseido SPF, but tried something else below that I prefer under makeup. I’m still using all my normal hair products including my loves – the kenra blow dry spray and the batiste dry shampoo. And obviously, my too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer which I photographed above but really don’t need to mention below. Broken record. It’s just so gorg.

So let’s get to it.

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Okay first up, I have to talk about my favorite find this month. This alba daily SPF 15 lotion is AWESOME. It’s thick enough to moisturize but not too thick and greasy that you can’t pull on your jeans. I found it at Whole Foods after my cousin was telling me how much she loved it – it happened to be on sale (by “on sale” I mean it was like $22 instead of $28, oye) and I’ve been in love with it ever since. With it having the SPF, I use it mostly for daily use in the morning after I shower or whatever. I don’t use it at night, nor do I use it if I’m going out on a walk or going to be outside in the middle of the day (then I just slather on some regular sunscreen).

But I absolutely love that I have this on my entire body when I might be doing things like driving in the car on a sunny day or just being outside shopping or whatever. You know. That may sound stupid but I’m allllll about the SPF right now.

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So speaking of, last month TONS of your were recommending the philosophy hope in a jar (both the non-SPF and SPF versions) and I grabbed some at Ulta after reading a bunch of reviews. I am so disappointed in the reformulated Josie Maran and it just doesn’t work under my tinted moisturizer at all. I really have been loving this and will use it from my face to my neck to my chest. I avoided philosophy products for years because I wasn’t a fan of the scent, but this is pretty great.

The only thing I’m not loving is that it seems very sunscreeny? I realize that sounds utterly ridiculous, but my previous moisturizers for the face have clearly been face moisturizers WITH SPF. This seems just like sunscreen. So I’m think it’s overpriced sunscreen? I don’t know. Either way, I’m loving it on my face under everything. Do you use this? Thoughts?

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OMG OMG OMG. This too. Okay, so I saw this in Nordstrom and while staring at it, ended up searching makeup alley on my phone for reviews (again. that is my life.) and going for it. This clarins radiance glow booster is a serum-y type product that you add to your moisturizer to make your own self tanner. I’M IN LOVE. I use self tanner (more on that below) every once in awhile and I’ll even use it on my face, but my face ends up a lot paler quicker than my body since I exfoliate/use toner/use my clarisonic on it. With this, it gives it a really healthy glow and I can use it once a day or even twice a day and mix it with different moisturizers.

GAH. I can’t even convey how much I love this. I have been taking photos of it with my phone and sending it to friends being all YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! The only thing I have to remember is to exfoliate or clarisonic my neck as well – because my neck will appear more tan than my face. Ick.

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Since I’ve been using more self tanner as well as the clarins glow stuff, I bumped my favorite tarte tinter moisturizer a few shades. First off, my other bottle was almost gone and most likely waaaay too light for me anyway. I’m usually within the first one or two shades when it comes to face color things, but that first shade was making me look dead at times. I was afraid this shade may be a bit too dark, but the minute I tried it at home I was hooked. Since it’s just a tinted moisturizer, it blends out perfectly. It also is working on my skin with and without tanner – both shades.

And it goes on smoothly after the hope in a jar SPF above.

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Okay okay. Can’t believe I’m about to talk about foundation.

I had seen the commercials, blog posts, samples and all the hype around this bare minerals bare skin foundation. I easily passed it by, not only because I loathe foundation but also because I really loathe everything bare minerals. Powder foundation is a nightmare to me, it has always made me look cakey, it’s messy and I’ve never found one thing in the line that I enjoy (besides a few lipglosses). My mom and I were in Ulta three weeks ago and I had somehow decided that I needed to try this (probably after boring myself with a billion reviews, of course). I had actually read a bunch of negative reviews too, but the idea of BARE SKIN and it not feeling like foundation had me so intrigued.

I never wear foundation on a regular basis – but I will if I have to do some sort of photos, video or have a special occasion where the tarte tinted moisturizer may not be enough. Ummmmm. I love this. Love love love. It is incredibly weightless on my skin. It absolutely does NOT feel like foundation. At all. If I’ve said that before about another foundation, I take it back. This is as light on my skin as my tarte moisturizer. I still haven’t been wearing it everyday, but I’ve been wearing it a few times a week. I have dry skin and it did not stick to dry patches or anything. I have been putting it over the hope in a jar SPF and am so happy with it.

I got the shade 03 in bare linen after going between shades 03 and 04 and it’s perfect. I also was suckered into buying the brush because I don’t have many face brushes (I’m a fingers-only makeup applier). I like applying this with the brush, but I will say that I cleaned the brush last week and it was a giant pain in the ass. I’ve used MAC brush cleaner for ages and it only takes a few swipes to clean my other brushes on a paper towel. This took TONS of swipes (maybe 20?) and I still felt like I couldn’t get all the color out. So there’s that.

Since the reviews on this are really split 50/50, I’d say buy it someplace that will accept returns if you want to try it out!

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Now that I rambled forever about foundation, here are two blushes I’ve talked about a million times.

Tarte exposed. Of course. Could I get any more predictable?

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And milani dolce pink. I love this with a hint of sparkle. It’s so 1990s white trash ice pink. Luckily I can occasionally pull it off since cooler pinks look okay on my skin. It’s pretty light too. It’s usually one of my summer go-to pinks.

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Eye things! I’m getting insanely boring with my eye shadow. It saddens me but then I feel like a five year old trying to do electric shades on my eyes. I caved and got the too faced chocolate bar eye palette, if only because I adore the bronzer so much and it SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE.

It really does.

I also liked that it was kind of a mix between neutral shades with some color?

I need to rant about palettes for a second. I used to HATE them. I didn’t own one single eyeshadow palette until Naked 2 came out. I loved it so much that I bought Naked 1. And then urban decay smoked. And then a smashbox summertime and lorac pro palette with pretty blues and greens and purples. And then naked 3. For years I only liked single eyeshadows, but now I almost exclusively have palettes. I still have a few single urban decay and MAC shadows, but I’m all aboard the palette train. This HAS to be my last one. Now that my count it up to six or whatever, I have to be done. I have every shade I’d ever need.

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To go with my boring and bronzed eye look, I’ve been downright obsessed with two shades in the palette. In fact, they are the only two shades I’ve really used so far, but I adore them. The pinky-golden in the center called marzipan (left, center) goes on first and then I brush on the lighter pink shimmery shade called champagne truffle (right) over top. It cools down the look a little since warm colors don’t look great on my eyes. Then I’ve either been doing a little brown eye liner or no eyeliner and piles of mascara (and fake single lash clusters of course).

I don’t think these shadows are quite as great as urban decay (nothing can beat those for me) but they are pretty darn good. And I just inhale the entire time I’m applying them. Feed me chocolate.

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Lip things this month!

First up, new-to-me flavor of burt’s bees – coconut pear. Dying over it. My go-to the last few years has been grapefruit, but this may take it’s place. I absolutely love it.

And for extra SPF for my lips, the coola peppermint vanilla chapstick. I had one of these in the past and love the coola sunscreen products, and this does not disappoint. It smells ridiculous.

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To go with my pink and glowy golden look, I broke out my hourglass fortune lipgloss. This is some of my favorite gloss (maybe even more than MAC and buxom) and this shade in particular is one I’ve gone through an entire tube of. You know you love it if you finish a tube of lipgloss. It’s the prettiest pink with golden shimmer.

That’s the theme here apparently.

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Another repeat is my current favorite butter gloss in merengue.

More cool pinks. It tastes like cake. Do it.

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I’ve talked about st tropez as my favorite tanner for well over a year now, and it still is. I do have a sample of the tarte tanner but have yet to try it. This just looks so natural on my skin, which is insanely difficult when you are as pasty as I am. I think it’s super easy to apply and dries instantly. I just adore it. It takes me around five minutes to apply and boom – done. It doesn’t break up on my skin or rub off weird. My usual routine is the night before or early morning, I shower, exfoliate the heck out of my skin, shave, dry off and apply a really thick moisturizer. Then, the next morning or later that night, I shower again but only exfoliate with a washcloth (no soap) and dry off. Then I apply the tanner to clean, dry skin. Easiest ever. It doesn’t even get on my bed sheets.


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Finally, I know this isn’t a true Jessica summer color but it’s my current favorite. It’s loreal never lacque-ing and with it being a cooler-toner grayish nude, it is the only nude that doesn’t make me look dead. I did wear some neons earlier this month, but this is my clear fave. I wore it a lot last fall but I actually love it more now that it’s warmer out. Apparently this was limited edition which is annoying, but oh well. It’s what I’ve been wearing.

But be warned, next month will probably be neon green and pink.

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Annnd I’m done. You know the drill! What beauty junkie things are you loving this month? What are some of your summer faves? I need to know. Seriously.

{as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you for being here!}