It’s looked like this.

on life lately I

Minus the weekend, which was super sunny and pretty and perfect.

Here’s some random stuff we did!

on life lately I

I taught a burger class to lots of invisible internet friends (who were clearly visible) and burnt an entire pan of oven fries, cut into a moldy red pepper and made a blender smoke. It really makes no sense because I was just mixing up cookies and ice cream. Otherwise, it was excellent and my favorite was the cheddar burger with bacon and mushrooms and mustard aioli on pretzel buns. Because mustard aioli + pretzel buns. OMG. Do it.

I realize the above doesn’t look like it has anything to do with burgers but it was the topping for some tilapia burgers. Yes yes. Which totally WORKED on hawaiian rolls. You should probably try that too.

The rest of the weekend we did father’s day and all things birthday related because it was my mom’s BDAY and my cousin who is like my sister and also my best friend’s BDAY. Uh huh. Riddle me that.

We had tons of cake.

on life lately I

Basically the best of both worlds with a burnt almond torte AND this chocolate explosion cake which you see me talk about every summer because it’s utterly ridiculous. It’s so rich that you can barely even finish a piece and only have it like once a year.

But now that I’m staring at the photo, I want a slice right now for breakfast. Hmmpf.

on life lately I

Yes. Those are all different kinds of chocolate mousse and whatnot inside the cake.

We are actually making her birthday a weeklong celebration and last night had makeshift sangria and perfect pizza and this coming weekend have the funnest (yep, said it) dinner planned. We are usually at the beach this week, but well, we’re not and it’s quite depressing (so deprived) so we’re making up for it! Brats.

I’ve been a reading freak this past week. I finished Delancey and loved it, but not surprising since I love all things Molly writes.

I read the Matchmaker and oh my gah, cried my eyes out at the end even though I’m not a crier and could not put it down. I think it’s one of my favorite Elin Hilderbrand books period. And my emotions were only heightened as I read her huffington post article and my heart broke. Things were not made better when I caught Beaches on HBO sunday morning as I was getting ready. Ugh.

Right now I’m about three quarters of the way through love with a chance of drowning, which was recommended to my by Kristen. I am really liking it a lot. Next on my list is all fall down. Best reading months ever.

In other news, I can’t get over iced macchiatos with extra drizzle, I did make the egg salad yesterday (eggs, greek yogurt, bone suckin mustard, pickles, chives, a crapload of seasoning) and proceeded to eat it with salt and vinegar chips ON the sandwich which was toasted of course, I found an outdoor patio table at Restoration Hardware that has a fire in the center a la Real World circa ten years ago and I need it in my life despite the fact that it costs more than a year of groceries (sad face) and I can’t stop writing run on sentences. I should do something about that.