Hey hey! So we are about two months away from the release of Seriously Delish and I’m all OMG-I-can’t-even-believe-it-is-this-real-life? It’s true. It is.

seriously delish - the new cookbook from how sweet eats I howsweeteats.com

Seriously Delish is currently available for preorder (I will love you foreverrrrrr…) on amazon, barnes and noble and indiebound and will officially be released on September 2. Just in time for all your favorite fall cooking!

For feeling like it’s taken a thousand years to get to this point, time is now flying by and it’s almost here. Totally nutso. I have received bunches of questions from you guys soooooo… here we go.

One of the things you guys keep asking is if “all of the recipes in Seriously Delish are new?” And the answer is YES. Okay, well almost. I’d say that 98% of the recipes are brand new, never seem on the blog before. This was super important to me because for years I’ve put my best recipes on the internets for free and if I’m going to buy a book? There better be some new stuff. The other 2% is filled up with some classic favorites that may have been seen on the blog back in 2009-10, but haven’t been touched since. Most are new and improved, and I’d say there are less than eight recipes (out of 150+) that are re-dos from the blog. Think my favorite guac recipe, a classic mac and cheese, my ideal baked eggs and my mom’s chicken romano that multiple people have got engaged after making. For real. It’s happened.

The rest are brand spanking new… and here is just a sprinkling of my favorites.

seriously delish - the new cookbook from how sweet eats! I howsweeteats.com

Why yes, that is a grilled cheese that comes with something to dip it in. And a cinnamon roll made with coconut oil and an amaretto squash soup with cinnamon toast croutons and and and cocktails galore. !!!!! There are lots of those. The cover image is toast (um there may be many things on toast…) with whipped ricotta and warm vanilla berries – hello breakfast forever. I cannot wait until we are making all the things together!!

I also get ridiculous giddy looking at some of these recipes because they were developed back in 2012 and do you have any idea how hard it is for me to NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THEM? I can’t keep secrets from you.

Seriously Delish has a bunch of my favorite lightened up comfort foods, an entire chapter dedicated to how the heck I can force myself to eat vegetables (obviously must taste like chocolate or bacon. Just kidding. Sort of.), the easiest dinners so you can lay on the couch and watch TV on the weeknights and a bunch of recipes that might require a shot of insulin before eating (just kidding again, sort of). Plus plus plus. Lots more!

seriously delish - the new cookbook from how sweet eats! I howsweeteats.com

You guys also keep asking if I’ll be doing book signings and a tour, and that answer is a big fat YEEEAAASS! It’s still in the works and you’ll be the first to know (because I’m sure I’ll shove it down your throats) when I know all that. So that’s all for now – feel free to leave any questions below and I will get to them in the comments. And then maybe please go preorder a book for you and 25 of your friends? K. Awesome. Heart you.

seriously delish - the new cookbook from how sweet eats! I howsweeteats.com

p.s. we can totally drink one of these together… perhaps my most favorite cocktail EVER. all i gotta say is THANK YOU!