[thank you so much to everyone for participating in the giveaway! the winners were chosen by a random number generator at random.org and the winners have been contacted by email. the winners are #1866 Taylor Basilio, #1452 Adela, #424 Carrie, #990 Joshua M and #300 Rachel @ Bakerita. If you sent confirmation of your order for a signed plate, you will be receiving one in the next few weeks. This promotion is now closed. THANK YOU! xoxo]

order your copy of seriously delish today and get a signed book plate. also, click over to the post to see how you can win an advanced signed copy! I howsweeteats.com


I cannot even TELL you how much you guys have made my heart melt with your love for Seriously Delish. I am so grateful to you that it’s ridiculous. I made this book for YOU and can’t wait until you can get your hands on a copy. Seriously. Seriously! And we are so close.

Because I love your guts, I want to make sure that all of you can get a signed copy. {THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED – THANK YOU FOR ORDERING!} From now until August 1st, if you preorder a copy of Seriously Delish, send your proof of purchase and mailing address to seriouslydelish@gmail.com. I’ll mail you a personally signed book plate (a signed book plate is a sticker that ships separately than your preorder – and is most likely signed in neon sharpie, obviously) with lots of hearts and scribbles. In the meantime, if you’ve already ordered your copy (a million THANKS!), you can also send your proof of purchase to seriouslydelish@gmail.com! You can order Seriously Delish at amazon, barnes and noble and indiebound and come September 2nd, it can be found where all books are sold. Until I wrote a book, I didn’t realize the importance of preorders. By preordering, you up the chances that we can make the book a bestseller AND that I can come see you in your city. EEK!

In a few weeks, I’ll have a page up on the site for signings and events – shouting from the rooftops exactly where I will be so we can meet and hug it out in real life. Because I have this little bun in the oven, my travel time is going to be slightly shortened a bit this fall and I want to make sure that you can get your copy of the book signed. Even if you already have a book plate, I’ll be giddy to sign your book again if I’m in your area! And if I don’t get to see you this fall, perhaps we can catch up in the spring. Either way, if you’ve ordered by August 1st, you will have a signed copy for your kitchen. That is crazy.

And then… and then… we can make this together. And these. And this. And you’ll know all my secrets for this. And these. And a big old pan of these. YES.

Also, I’m going to be giving away five advanced signed copies of Seriously Delish – so leave a comment (any comment!) on this post to win one. THANK YOU. My appreciation for you knows no bounds. xoxoxo