tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These flowers are GROWING IN OUR YARD! I planted them last year and they came back. Mind = blown.

2. Sometimes I wonder why bread other than sourdough even exists.

3. But then. Cornbread hot dog buns?! This just took my favorite summer food to a whole new level.

4. Were you part of the group that got a stack (read: a gigantic brick) of restoration hardware catalogs at their doorstop last week? I’m so confused since I’m not even on an email list or anything. I haven’t bought anything recently besides a blanket six years ago. Rachel wrote the perfect post about it.

5. I have a problem of looking at texts and then forgetting about them before responding. Sometimes I do it when I sleep and sometimes when I’m listening to music on my phone and then I forget and the world thinks I’m a terrible person.

6. Last week when I talked about chips on sandwiches (a must), many of you said to use doritos. How weird is it that I don’t like doritos? I never have. Something off about them to me. Maybe all the orange hands.

7. I’ve become fascinated with going to Ireland. Like I want to go right now.

8. We finally finished Orange is the New Black last week and OMG the ending. It was so perfect! It made me love the show when I really didn’t before. I’m praying to the TV gods that True Blood gets better because I’m still so disappointed…. but let’s talk about the opening scene? Ha.

9. I’m not crazy into horoscopes but I do believe that I’m a true scorpio, so here are 23 probs only scorpios can understand. Almost all spot on. Gah.