tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I ate caprese salad for breakfast. With toast, so kind of like breakfast? I think this takes my obsession to a whole new level. The tomatoes are getting GOOD.

2. What. Bacon and sweet corn ice cream sandwiches. Is this even real life?

3. Yesterday I ate this brownie and all of you asked for the recipe on instagram. It’s called go to the grocery store and buy a boy of ghiraradelli brownie mix and then buy the triple fudge chip frosting in a can. But I will say for some reason, my mom’s boxed brownies turn out ten million times better than ones I can make from a box.

4. My cherry love is still going strong but it’s also moving in the direction of pluots and plums. Um, the best juiciest plums ever. I wish I could find them all year long.

5. When I am bored (aka: procrastinating, because I should truly never be bored) I bring up realtor dot com and look up insane property in northern michigan that costs millions and millions of dollars. It’s a funny little procrastination tool because if one wasn’t procrastinating, they’d be working to earn the money for said insane property.

6. I didn’t see any proper fireworks on the 4th of July. I feel madly deprived.

7. What I did do was make a giant bowl of guacamole, and just so you know it took me buying 16 avocados in order to get 8 good ones.

8. It’s pretty sad that the highlight of my TV this week was catching reruns of the Walking Dead on AMC over the weekend. I thought True Blood was a little better but not much – I want to go on the biggest most gigantic rant about it but don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Eddie is so over it that he doesn’t even watch anymore and just fast forwards through to the parts that I tell him he should see. I’m kind of excited for Masters of Sex to start up again on showtime since there is nothing else on. Otherwise, I think you all have convince me to start Orphan Black.

9. I love (most of) this darn thing: how to become a better woman.

10. Do you prefer long weekends that start on friday or end on monday? Inquiring minds need to know.

11. I don’t even know what that dessert is up there. A brownie and ice cream and peanut butter and probably a mix between heaven and hell.