tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m losing at the froyo game. I can’t keep up.

2. This brownie batter spread is happening in my life today. GAH.

3. Last week Eddie woke up and swore that I was snoring and he was yelling at me to stop in the middle of the night. (which is my night… every single night… with him.) He then realized that it was a dream, I wasn’t snoring (I’m the lightest sleeper and practically awake all night so I’d probably hear it) and he was just having hopeful moments that I was snoring in the middle of the night so he could turn the tables on me.

4. I’ve determined that all random flavors of oreos are crap… except for chocolate peanut butter.

5. Figures I share my baby news on the same day that Ryan Gosling reluctantly shares his. This is real.

6. Let’s talk about TV! Um, True Blood, I hate you and how you play with my emotions. If Eric and Sookie don’t end up together I will probably die for real. This episode was giving me mini emotional flashbacks of season 3. Puh-lease let that happen. I totally forgot that Masters of Sex had started again until the minute it came on, and it was heartbreakingly good. Ahhhh. What do we think of the Leftovers? I am utterly confused and have to watch each episode twice and then have Eddie try and explain it all to me. But I think I’m into it, mostly because it’s just like WTF?

7. Late late late on Saturday night we finally watched Gravity and all I’ve been thinking since is whyyyyy does it end there? I need more detail. What do people say? I want more!

8. Considering I spend a large portion of my life stuck behind people who don’t know how to use the self-checkout at the grocery store, I’d like to share these 10 commandments with them.

9. Can I please age like Rob Lowe? I fear that I would have needed to reverse start ten years ago.