tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. In a weird turn of events, while the summer feels like it’s FLYING by it’s also passing as slowly as possible. Is this a thing?

2. Completely losing my mind over this falafel pita. Can’t even stand it.

3. We got the cake above (oreo cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, yes we did it – Eddie has a fascination with all things cookies and cream) over the weekend and it’s a sad day when you really don’t even care about cake. I don’t even know me.

4. BUT. Yesterday I think I might have made my first recipe inspired by a craving. I have to wait and see because it’s either really awesome or incredibly atrocious.

5. No toaster toasts bread dark enough for me. It is a curse. Every toaster we’ve owned – my bread has needed nearly two toasting cycles on the highest heat. I know we’ve discussed this when it comes to bakeries offering bagels. DOUBLE TOASTED! I realize this sounds sickly trivial but when you love toast as much as I do… #firstworldprobs

6. This is so very much my instagram life.

7. TV TV!! I still have a hard time believing that episodes of True Blood drag on for me, but they totally do. It’s getting a leeeettle better but maybe just because we are coming to the end? The show would be nothing without Lafayette and some of the occasional Pam and Ginger moments. I still have a feeling that they will find a cure for what’s going on but if not… maybe we’re getting a book ending. And! To those of you who linked this blog about the Leftovers in last week’s post – it’s make me get some of the show. I still need to watch it twice or so but… I don’t mind looking at Justin Theroux.

8. 25 things target makes you feel better about. This should just read: EVERYTHING. I actually go when I need to get out of the house and clear my mind. (and then I come home with like thirty chevron paper straws and two dresses I’ll never wear.)

9. This weekend we were adults and bought a new bed. I feel so old because it was a thrilling experience.

10. Can we discuss dishwasher loading? Because both of us here things the other does it wrong.