tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Can we talk about these peanut butter s’moreos? Killing me smalls.

2. Somehow I got my hands on an Arhaus catalog (or the universe sent it to me for pure torture purposes only) and while I love the chairs… have you ever noticed how many of them are photographed outside in streams and woods and forests? Like hey, let’s just take this $6000 chair out into the mud and take some pics of it, that will sell it.

3. I can’t fathom these new cappuccino flavored potato chips. Has anyone tried them? They sound like one of the worst things on earth to me right now but… you know my tastes are off.

4. Speaking of, I’ve reverted back to my childhood and just want to eat cheddar chex mix all the time. If this could be recreated to perfection at home, that would be awesome. But it can’t. There is no way to clone it.

5. I should probably write a book on the worst way to pack your home for a move. I’d put stuff in boxes and then there would be extra room so I’d throw even more random stuff in but then it’s not like you can label the box with every single thing (or you can and I’m lazy) and now I’m pulling sheets out of boxes with toothpaste and steak knives.

6. I can’t stop blasting this song. It’s been love/hate.

7. I’m pretty sure that Masters of Sex has taken over the top spot for my favorite show in the summer. I can’t get over how much I love it – even if it makes me squeamish at times but not in the trashy terrible way that GIRLS does. I have a crush on Michael Sheen. You know that I’m thrilled about one thing that happened on True Blood this past week but I won’t say for fear of spoiling. Still not enough to save it for me though. I don’t know which I’m more excited about for fall: Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead. AHHHH.

8. Also, let’s talk about the other exciting thing this week: Shark Week! But whyyyyy can’t it be like it used to? Now it’s all about like alien sharks and lochness monster sharks and supernatural sharks. I like shark week from 1995.

9. Over the weekend my cousin showed me how to keep my phone letters on lowercase ALL THE TIME. Why is lowercase so much cuter? My elementary school teachers are dying inside right now but that’s the only way I desire to write my words.