tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I learned the hard way that Eddie broke the top off of our salt grinder. I was adding some sea salt to the above cookie dough mixture when the lid fell off and ten million crystals fell into the dough. I went with it hoping for a heavy sea-salt vibe but ummmmm no. They are pretty much just salty cookies. Not in a good way.

2. These chipotle beer cheese oven fries. They remind me of these and I want them immediately.

3. I’m totally toying with doing my pregnancy/baby updates buuuut I sort of need to find the time and do I shove it under the crumbs section or make a whole new section? It’s not to replace anything – so have no fear. It’s in addition to the other junk I ramble about so in a nutshell, it would be an extra annoying dose of me.

4. Speaking of cookies, I probably should have just bought this cookie mix. I pretty much want to order 17 containers.

5. When we moved, we switched sides of the bed. It’s very disturbing and makes me feel all out of whack.

6. Last week I REALLY underpacked my suitcase. This is new to me as I often overpack, but being pregnant means I can’t wear all the things sooo… well today I totally overpacked to the point of ridiculousness. I want to show you a picture but I’m horrified. Like I can’t even carry it?

7. In TV news, so many good things! We watched the Boardwalk premier but I was doing some work and need to watch it four more times before really getting it – does it have to end? You know I harbor the creepiest crush on Steve Buscemi. While I liked Masters of Sex I think next week the previews seem even better and why can’t they just madly profess their real love for each other? Michael Sheen kills me even though he’s kinda an a-hole. And the Leftovers? Seriously WTF. Does anyone get that?

8. I feel that this deserved it’s own point in itself – I am FREAKING OUT about sons of anarchy starting tonight. Like real anxiety about what is going to happen and straight up sadness that it will be over soon. WAH. What do you think is going to happen?

9. How you eat on instagram vs. real life. It’s true.

10. Last night the most gigantic spider to ever roam the earth was in our living room. I’m ready to move again.