tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-49

1. Have you ever seen such perfection as these neon sprinkles? Neither have I.

2. I want nothing more in life than this apple crisp ice cream.

3. It was time to get a new license photo and somehow I ended up looking slightly younger in my new photo than the one from four years ago.  Maybe they have filters to blur the wrinkles. 

4. I want to carve a cupcake into a pumpkin today. How can I make this happen? I also want to carve a pineapple but there is noooooo way I have the patience for that. I’d probably carve off all my fingers while at it. 

5. After owning our TV for only 8 weeks (since moving in) it totally blew out on us already. Why do these newer electronics completely suck? I had what I can only refer to as a pregnancy hormonal meltdown when I realized it happened because it’s the only TV with cable and OMG SUNDAY NIGHT TV. Major first world problems.

6. Thankfully, Eddie pulled some Macgyver stuff and hooked up an older TV to the cable (right under our now broken TV) so we could watch our shows. I swear I’m only TV obsessed after 8PM. It wasn’t how I wanted it to end, but I liked the Boardwalk finale. What are your thoughts? Last week the end of SOA made me physically ill, ugh. I have to say that I just LOVE Alvarez. Major jumping of the shark on Homeland. Carrie… I CAN’T. Loved Nashville. I’m really into Scandal. I’m still deciding on The Affair. And I have major anxiety over the Walking Dead. BEST SHOW EVER.

7. My friend Rachel landed an awesome job at Buzzfeed and I’m majorly crushing on her life right now. I also am making this candy corn trail mix today because I can no longer take it. Except I get tricked because every time I look at it, I think I see crushed oreos. And it’s really dates. Not fair. … I might add crushed oreos? Trashy?

8. Having a very real and weird obsession with all things Frozen lately. Like I want to throw a Frozen-themed party and make Frozen-themed food and decor. I never liked animated movies or cartoons growing up (I know, so weird) but now we watch Frozen like once a week – at least. What is this?

9. Last night I ate (homemade) ice cream from the container with a giant spoon at 11:47PM. I needed to tell someone who will understand. (Because Eddie never would.)