tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This grilled cheese bloody caesar. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

2. The worst thing ever happened on Sunday. We went to get some outside autumn decor and as we were driving home, realized a BEE was in the car. If you’ve been reading you know I’m ridiculously afraid of bees and most bugs. Yeah I know. So I wouldn’t move a muscle until we got home. I had to leave again soon anyway though – and never found the bee – STILL DIDN’T – but as I was sitting in an hour of traffic, a stinkbug flew into my hair in the car. I’m basically taking the car to the junkyard. Don’t even.

3. This little guy dances to Dirty Dancing. AHHHH!

4. Ummm I saw that all of the old school Snick Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes were uploaded to youtube?! Hello tweenhood life.

5. I desperately need some pantry organization help. Maybe this means I’m nesting? Anyhoo, our pantry is one closet, it’s not big but it has really deep (read: awful) shelving. We can’t even hammer a nail so we won’t be changing that, but HELLLP. How do I fix just throwing things in randomly?

6. An overanalyzer’s life. Oh hi #7. And #9. And #12. OMG always #12.

7. I’m saying a million and one prayers for getting through the west coast book tour without going into labor. I was convinced I was going to birth a baby on a plane or in Seattle somewhere.

8. Speaking of planes, I flew Southwest (which I loathe) and always get early bird check in BECAUSE OMG SEAT ANXIETY and I actually got A1 on my boarding pass! Then my connecting flight was delayed and I didn’t even get to use it. How unfair?

9. Please indulge me and read this article on it being decorative gourd season. As long as you’re not offended by language. I’m seriously dead.

10. This TV point is going to be ridiculous. SOA: I can’t deal with my love for Chibs. I fear that Nero is going to die (he might be my fave, it might have something to do with pregnancy hormones, TMI) to prove everything is Gemma’s fault. (because it is.) Nashville: I KNEW Luke was going to turn all weird. He’s turning weird right? Go back to Deacon! Homeland: I need more Carrie and Quinn in my life, together. Boardwalk: sorta boring but I’m still sad it’s almost over. I can’t even get into the shows on Thursday night at the moment. Annnnnd my obvi pick of the week, Walking Dead: HOLY CRAP this was my favorite ending to any episode ever. I loved the whole episode. I’m sure it’s downhill from here though. Wah.

11. This post on feeling lost is so spot on. This is EXACTLY how I felt in my mid-to-late 20s and certainly when I started my blog. Heck, I still feel that way sometimes.

12. I’m having a caps lock issue today (and everyday). Apologies. (kind of.)