tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-48

1. Dinner tonight? This butternut squash walnut and sage pasta. Clearly my squash sitch is out of control.

2. Last week I went to Target to buy my favorite childhood cereal – Oh’s!, please tell me you know exactly what I’m talking about – and the cashier that checked me out was a boy who was probably only 16 or 17. He looked at them and goes “hmmm… I’ve never seen this before, is it new?” I wanted to be like NO I WAS EATING IT BEFORE YOU WERE BORN! Wah. Sidebar: remember apple cinnamon Oh’s!?

3. Here is another truly incredible post by Andrea on what she learned losing weight the second time around. It resonated with me on so many other levels though – on procrastination and not facing fears. She is my Oprah. I am not kidding.

4. You know how last week there was that bee in my car? Well, I’m obviously still convinced it’s in the car somewhere waiting to pounce on me but yesterday there was one flying around my head IN THE HOUSE while I was working. Pretty much just need to move out now. It took me about four hours to kill it and I wasted four hours of my day having anxiety over a BUG. I am an imbecile.

5. Eddie is having a pizza crisis. Ever since we moved he can’t find delivery/take-out pizza that he likes, so he’s ordering from places far away and driving to pick it up. It is a serious issue that he is seriously upset about.

6. Cannot wait to get my hands on the Idina Menzel Christmas album. No no, I’m not going there yet but come the middle of November I’m probably going to blast that thing until it breaks.

7. Meanwhile, in music land, you know my husband can’t WAIT until Oct. 27th. Two words: Taylor. Swift.

8. Kinda dying that there is a new marcel the shell. Nothing will ever beat the first one but, umm… the sneezes!

9. On my TV list: I felt dirty watching Homeland with Carrie’s storyline. The show isn’t as terrible as I thought it was last year, but each episode drags a little for me. At least until I see Quinn… ha. I’m already freaking out about SOA tonight. I almost threw up watching the last scene of the Walking Dead but gosh, I love that show so much and generally dislike anything about zombies. I hate how quickly Boardwalk has moved on and ended but we still think it’s one of the best shows on TV. (like how incredible is young Nucky!?) And Nashville has me hooked, but I’m hoping that soon we can stop the Deacon-has-a-new-girl-and-now-Rayna-will-freak storylines. OMG, last week I forgot to talk about The Affair? Are you watching it? Thoughts? PACEY?!

10. Pretty sure I say it every year, but dressing up for Halloween? You probably couldn’t pay me to do it. I’m so not fun. Do I have to do this in the future when I have old-enough kids to be a fun mom? My dad used to cut the bottom out of a pumpkin and put it on his head to take us trick-or-treating. Maybe I’ll do that.

11. Ooooh I love this: how to become the person you want to be. I guess I’m feeling deep today. (i am.)

12. Grilled cheese and pickles (on the side) for life. I want to eat about forty of them this week. (with bacon.)