tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. In love with this twice baked acorn squash. Totally want it for dinner!

2. I am the worst kind of millennial, because last week I had to spend over two hours on the phone with my insurance company to get something covered and by that point, I was ready to just go spend the $300 and pay for the product myself. Seriously, I am what is wrong with this generation.

3. This past weekend I FINALLY saw Gone Girl. I thought it was pretty good and maybe the closest book-t0-movie adaptation I’ve seen? I read it so long ago that I forgot a few parts that happened. I thought Rosamund Pike was perfect in that role. I also thought she looked like Bev, so during every scene I’d be like… OMG that is Bev, what is she going to do?

4. Um, I really want to wear flash tattoos – well at least AFTER I’m pregnant – but isn’t that, like, against the rules for someone who is 32? Ridiculous?

5. Last week I raved about my love for the Taylor Swift album and this week I am thisclose to getting the Nick Jonas album. What? I missed the whole Jonas brothers thing because I was little too old, but I keep previewing the songs on iTunes and loving them. This is weird.

6. As someone who was seriously obsessed with all things American Girl back in the 80s (this was long before the retail stores existed), I am dying over this. My Samantha doll is still sitting in my childhood bedroom with tonssss of accessories.

7. So I basically wait all week long for The Affair. I have no idea how this show has sucked me in so much and I go back and forth on hating and loving both characters so much. How about last week’s SOA? Insanity. I really liked the episode but can someone agree with me that the Abel child actor is like the worst ever? Um, OMG. Also, Walking Dead – please give me all the Daryl and Carol episodes you can. You know I’ve been a staunch supporter of that hookup for 3 years or so. Make it happen AMC! I don’t care if the show isn’t about that. Can’t they just, like, kiss? Homeland was good too. I almost had a heart attack during it.

8. On the same note, Eddie has been watching the Voice if he stumbles upon it because he has had a lifetime crush on Gwen Stefani. Like seriously, it’s probably his longest crush ever. He estimates it at 20 years strong.

9. If you’ve been reading along, then you know I have a wacky fascination with US history and especially presidential history. I’m kind of loving the Bush/Clinton bromance and especially these tweets. HAHAHAHA.

10. If you want to laugh… going from basic to bad in 30 days. Dead.