tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have yet to taste a bite of traditional pumpkin pie this year but this bourbon version has my mouth seriously watering. I’ve never made one from scratch but perhaps I should start.

2. Have you started listening to Christmas music yet? I still haven’t been listening to it full blown, most likely because I’m in denial that I will have a child by Christmas. So, like, not listening to music will make the time go slower right? Right.

3. Speaking of that, everything I do I’m all “OMG the next time I see you/do this/am here I will have a baby.” I mean, everything. It’s not annoying at all.

4. If you love yourself, you will pop your popcorn in bacon fat.

5. I’m SURE you’ve seen it by now… but um, the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer? I don’t know if there has ever been a movie I’ve watched more than the first version. Rebel Wilson… I die.

6. Target snuck into my head again and designed everything I want in holiday decor.

7. 15 things you should make time for everyday. YES.

8. SO MUCH GOOD TV THIS WEEK! Last week’s SOA… omg. The acting. All of it. I think I’ve rewatched the Juice, Jax and Nero scenes ten thousand times by now. It was just so good. I am way too emotionally involved. I also thought Homeland was AMAZING this past Sunday. Is it really coming back to what it used to be? And and and! The Affair! GAH. I can’t believe what happened in this episode happened. Holy crap Pacey. I’m glad we got so much of him and he was SO GOOD. What else? I also liked Nashville and totally knew they were going to take Luke in that direction. KNEW IT! And I loved the Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder episodes.

9. Dying over the miraculous benefits of coconut oil.

10. Remember how I’ve whined the entire time I’ve had this blog about how we really wanted a king bed? And then we got one? And then I ended up 532 months pregnant and the bed is so high and tall that I actually need a running start to throw my 5 foot tall body up on it? What I really need is some sort of bed steps. I pretty much fall out of it every night. It’s like a giant slide. I just sliiiiiiide down the bed to get out.

11. Pretty sure I’m more excited for Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS than actual Thanksgiving.