december favorites I

Coconut water! This should come as no surprise as it makes my favorites often, but this month takes it to an entirely new level. With nursing an infant, I have never been SO FREAKING THIRSTY in my life. On top of my regular water intake I am drinking a bottle or two of harmless harvest a day. That’s the only coconut water I’ll drink… yes, I’m a coconut water snob.

I mentioned this book – Winter Street –  last month, after having JUST started it, but as expected I, of course, loved it. Just love Elin. What are you reading now?

These leggings. YES, they are maternity, but oh my gosh. I am SMITTEN. I prefer them over my athleta and lululemon leggings that I’ve truly lived in for the last ten months. First of all, the material is ridiculously soft. I don’t even know how to describe it – it’s so stretchy but almost feels like microfiber or something. Second, the colors. Third, I love the big band – which can so easily be folded over now that I’m no longer pregnant. I cannot get over my infatuation with these. Whoa. And they totally have non-maternity stuff too. I also have this fleece cover up (also doesn’t look like maternity wear at all) and it is SO warm and soft. I found these at destination maternity – so I was able to try on in store.

Yes yes yes: Sons of Anarchy. I mean, I’m devastated that it is over, but man… what a great series. I wish I could take back watching it and watch it again NOW from the beginning and get all those fuzzy feelings again. I freaking loved that show and am so sad it’s over. And honorable mention for the third month in a row: The Affair! Gosh. What a killer show. Eddie even got hooked. Both of us were slightly disappointed in the finale but hopefully it will kick butt next year.

I’m also really obsessed with this toast concoction above. It’s a whole wheat cinnamon bread (no raisins) made locally, topped with coconut butter, almond butter (really into crunchy barney butter at the moment… ), sliced bananas and the trader joe’s honey toasted almonds. Gosh I adore it.

My target blanket scarves that I talked about all season. I can no longer find a link but I think Target knocks it out of the park with scarves. I love these giant plaid ones so much. But I also love them in the spring – I think they make awesome gifts for people.

These red heels. I’ve been all over really bright reds the last month or so – but only in moderation and only on certain parts of my body. Like my lips and my feet. These are super bright lipstick red and I love ’em. They aren’t super comfortable, but they are manageable for a few hours. Most comfortable heels in my opinion are the nine west love fury pumps. I liked this red better though.

A repeat, but a good one nonetheless: eggnog lattes. Hot and iced. I am so sad they are going to be MIA for the next nine months, and I might starting making my own eggnog every week just so I can make some. I also am thinking about getting a nespresso machine (the one that makes coffee AND espresso?) so… give me your thoughts on that. My daily drive-thru days are over for the moment. Wink wink.

These 90s new balance 574s. Um, first of all… 90s? Hello my life. Second, I ordered these shortly before going into labor because I kept wearing my running shoes (brooks) everywhere I was going and wanted something not so beat up. At the end of pregnancy, my tieks and wedges just weren’t giving my back enough support. Duh. These babies are so comfortable and clearly NEON PINK.

Movies! I have watched more movies than I ever thought possible in the last two weeks, but I have totally watched The Family Stone at least three or four times a week because it’s constantly been on HBO. It may be one of my favorite movies of all time and I have been bawling my eyes out at the ending. The family aspect is killing me right now. I also watched The Other Woman which I thought was pretty funny (Leslie Mann for life!) and Blended – normally not my cup of tea but also funny and cute. I am still dyyyyying to see Into the Woods.

My ugg robe. I feel like this is cheating because my parents JUST got it for me for Christmas. First of all, I have always hated robes, but since having Max I have been living in them. This robe is SO soft. It’s ridiculous. It will probably be a favorite until March. Take the inside of ugg boots and line a robe with the material. AHHH.

This nest candle. My cousin bought me this for my birthday in November but I didn’t burn it until recently. It smells awesome. Like fresh and sweet. Cue crazy candle lady eyes.

This homemade snack mix. You have no idea how many times I’ve made this stuff and it’s currently in the oven again. Not only is it great for guests, but it’s, um, great for me who needs to shove food in my face while feeling a tiny little babe fifteen times a day.

Another repeat but a good one: The Taylor Swift album. GOSH. This is just so, so good. I have always admired Taylor’s passion (I’m a sucker for anyone who adores what they do so much) but haven’t been the *biggest* fan of her music like my husband is. Well. Change that now. I still love every song on the album and can blast it on repeat all day long. I even found myself listening to it more than Christmas music this month. Which is unheard of for me. I also love that probably for the rest of my life, this album will remind me of the few weeks before and after I gave birth. Sappy.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]